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50% off #C Programming – Complete Tutorial For Beginners – $10

The course will teach you C language from beginner to advanced level. Will prepare you for your technical interview.

All Levels,  –   12.5 hours,  112 lectures 

Average rating 4.4/5 (4.4 (221 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Download Netbeans IDE (You need to download JDK for this as well) or Codeblocks IDE, I have given video lectures how to install these in your system. Don’t worry I will guide you to download and install them.
If you face any issue while downloading or installing necessary software, please go ahead and post it in the discussion forum, I will provide solution as soon as possible.

Course description:

I have been teaching this course to the undergraduate engineering students for last 15 years in class room. This course is well designed and covered almost all the topics that one should know while learning C language. Will not only help the student to build a solid foundation on the topic but will boost their confidence to face technical interviews boldly.

The course contents are mostly video lectures. I would encourage absolute beginners to follow the lectures strictly in chronological manners, please start from the very first video and go to the next one only if you are done with the previous. However, though not recommended, but students with some previous knowledge could jump lectures if they are confident.

The course is structured basically for the new programmers who may not have any previous experience with any programming language. From the very basic to advanced topics. Simple program to complex one in step-by-step.

One should take this course to build a career as a programmer. Programming in C has been considered as foundation for any programming language. If one is confident with C, then can start learning any other language like PHP, C++ or Java.

Full details
write C programs independently
face technical interviews with confidence
will be able to do assignments in C programs
This course is A-Z on C programming language, therefore, anyone can take this course, even absolute beginners in programming will face no problem doing this course
Any undergraduate student having C programming in curriculum
If you have previous experience in C programming or with any other programming language then this course is going to make your foundation more strong

Full details


“Accent was strong. Graphics showing teaching was poor – faded in and out. Only one homework in over 100 lessons. No tests of knowledge in last half of the lessons.” (Ronald Martin)

“I have been a IT systems engineer for over 15 years, but always struggled with programming. I struggled to learn programing for several years on my own.
I came to realize that i was missing core concepts and understanding.
This course along with Paul’s insight and explanations of the order of operations has provided the breakthrough I needed to became a competent programmer. Erasing much of the confusion and frustration. making programming less of a struggle and more of an enjoyment.
Thank you Paul!!” (SteveHuff)

“Overall, a very solid introduction to C, especially for the price. Topics are covered very thoroughly with coding examples and supplemental white-boarding when necessary. Also, the help with IDE setup at the beginning of the course is a big plus.
I already know a few programming languages, which I believe helped me absorb the content quicker. These videos may be a little rougher for beginners to programming, but it’s primarily due to C not be as (arguably) user friendly as other languages like Javascript, Python, etc… In some of the earlier lessons though, there may be some confusion around terminology that the instructor uses but doesn’t address until later sections.
With that said though, this course is a real bargain ($20 not on sale at time of purchase). The instructor could easily charge 5 times that, especially with other introductory classes close $200. The language is covered very well and the instructor is great. Just remember, like with any language, you need to actually code to retain any of the information. For each video you must have your own text editor open, type in all examples shown, and compile/execute, then play around with the code to see what else does/doesn’t work.” (Kyle Van Vleck)



About Instructor:

Shibaji Paul

Hi, I have been teaching computer science and programming since 2001. I did my M Tech in Computer Science and remained visiting faculty to the CSE department of Narula Institute of Technology. I have my own training institute where I provide training on various programming languages and technologies to the B Tech students on C, C++, Java, Android programming, Data structure and Algorithm, DBMS, SQL and PL/SQL.
In my class room I usually teach 100-150 students per semester on different subjects. With the udemy platform now it is possible to teach and spread my knowledge to thousands (may be more)of students across the globe, Udemy opens up vast opportunity for instructor like me and that with remuneration. I guess it’s going to be a fantastic.
When I am not taking class I enjoy learning some new technologies. In my leisure time one could find me enjoying with my kids or gossiping with my beautiful wife over a container of tea. I am a “tea-totaller” (guess the meaning 🙂 ) and hate smoking. I have a definite plan to launch an online course on topic “How to drink tea – the best way” on udemy for sure and also on “How to quit smoking – the best way”.
Let’s hope for the best, happy learning.

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