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50% off #The Complete iOS Game Course – Build a Flappy Bird Clone – $10

Over 350+ videos taking you step-by-step through process of building 8+ different applications using Sprite Kit

All Levels,  –   30.5 hours,  349 lectures 

Average rating 4.5/5 (4.5 (69 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Familiarity with object-oriented programming (does not need to be Objective-C)
An intel-based Mac that has Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later installed

Course description:

We built an immersive game development course that teaches you all of the fundamentals so you can build your own games on iPhones and iPads. We combine videos, notes, collaborative discussion forums, and challenging assignments to have students build real apps. Teaching online is not new to us. Our highly successful Beginner iOS Bootcamp (over 18k students and 5 star review) teaches students the basics of programming iOS apps. We use the same proven pedagogy to teach game development.

The course will include over 120 hours of content (30 hours of video plus notes and challenges), an active discussion forum where students and teachers answer questions, and multiple fully coded example projects that you can download.

Topics covered:

Introduction to Game Development , Sprite Kit , Scenes and Nodes, Coordinates, Game Loop
Sprite/Texture Creation, Sprite Theory, Atlas Files
Animation, Parallax Scrolling, Character animation
Physics Bodies, Physics Properties, Bit Fields, Collisions, Contact Response
User Input, Input Handler
Character Movement/Physics, State machines, Player Physics, Jump Curve, Double Jump, Boost, etc.
Tile Based Game World, Tile Sprites, Tiled + Kobold Kit, Creating and Loading Tiled files
Collision Detection, Axis Alined Bounding Box, Collision Bit Masks
Obstacles & Enemies, Basic Enemy AI
Collectables, Power Ups
Effects, Particle Effects
Sound, Adding Music, Adding Sound Effects
Scoring, HUD, Stats/Progress Tracking, Score Board
Game Menus, Saving/Loading Game Progression

Reviews from our iOS course

“I must say that so far, this course is awesome. Having the challenging assignments, daily discussions and feedback from the instructors, has been the missing piece that I have been looking for. I have read a handful of books, watched hours of video & typed in a bunch of tutorials, and finally, having to work through tough assignments and applying what I have been learning, it is all starting to click – Finally!” – Mark S.

“Code Coalition’s discussion board is one of the best resources for a beginning iOS developer. So much help being offered” – Omar S.

“I’ve just completed the iOS101 course, which I thought was a great intro to the XCode environment… I feel it’s been well worth the investment. ” – Herdy H.

“Wow, @CodeCoalition! Moving quickly! Week 2 is so different than week 1…and I like it 🙂 Thnx for the challenge” – Melissa B.

“Just discovered @CodeCoalition! An excellent resource for anyone who wants to make their first iPhone app.” -Novall K.

“Can’t reiterate it enough how this course is helping me with my iOS dev skills. I think using protocols and delegation is finally becoming second nature. Fingers crossed :-)” -Alex P.

“I am really loving the class. I have taken classes at Code School & Treehouse and both were missing a key element. The ability to ask questions as you complete a section and get an answer. “ -Lisa A.

“Your training is the best out there so far. I wish I had the time away from regular job to follow along.” -Christian S.

“Im loving this.. I have been through at least 5 books, and many online deals. Yours is super so far. Finally, i can get from start to finish on a lesson without wondering why on “Everything” thank youCant wait to do more.. “ -Kevin R.

Why take this course and how much time does it take to complete?

iOS game development, and software development as a whole, is a booming career. The demand for new developers at all levels far outweighs the supply. Barrier to entry is not as high as one would think – though passion and hard work are necessary, a degree in computer science or any other technical field is not required.

We aim to take you from complete beginner to junior game developer in three months. The apps you create in this course can be used on your portfolio so you have something to show when you apply for jobs. Not only that, you can throw your apps on the app store and be the next Flappy Bird!

Full det


“seems to be a very detailed and thorough treatment of objective-C SpriteKit. Also, well organized in proceeding from the basic concepts and how these concepts inter-relate to each other to produce the chain of events to produce a 2D video game.” (John Banks)

“Text is a little blurry on the original iPad Pro but sound clarity is good.” (Michael LaRose)

“Good course.” (Warren D)



About Instructor:

Eliot Arntz
Mr. John Omar
Jed Hastwell

Eliot regularly teaches iOS development classes and workshops at General Assembly and guest lectures for companies and development boot camps around NYC. He also taught the inaugural class for Coalition for Queens which focused on increasing diversity in iOS development. He also coaches students in a one-on-one environment with a focus on transitioning to full time development. Eliot cofounded and organizes the iOS Office Hours meetup NYC.
In his free time he works as a contractor for startups focusing on agile development.
Find me on twitter @EliotArntz – I check my direct messages quite frequently.

John was the lead iOS developer at Fast Society and Cameo until he started Bitfountain in 2012. The apps that John has contributed to have appeared in TechCrunch, Mashable and the New York Times. At Bitfountain, John oversees all projects from a technical and strategic perspective. At Bitfountain, John has taught over 120,000 students how to code online.

Jed worked for many years as a web developer for various companies in Australia and the UK. He co-founded indie games development studio, Whistlefire that recently launched their first game for iOS, Jungle Raider. He currently resides in Berlin where he is working for Toywheel, designing and building mobile games and digital toys for kids.

Instructor Other Courses:

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Udemy Game Development course coupon
The Complete iOS Game Course – Build a Flappy Bird Clone
The Complete iOS Game Course – Build a Flappy Bird Clone course coupon
The Complete iOS Game Course – Build a Flappy Bird Clone coupon

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