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89% off #Ruby on Rails: Training and Skills to Build Web Applications – $10

Designed for entrepreneurs who want to learn to code their own ideas. No prior experience needed.

All Levels,  –   7 hours,  43 lectures 

Average rating 4.5/5 (4.5 (197 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

All software will be free to download and will be covered in the course

Course description:

Why Take this Class?

This course is the one I wish I had when I first taught myself to code.

I spent a year wading through coding exercises, programming books, and online tutorials. Similar to traditional education, I thought I had to learn everything from the ground up—first master the basics of HTML, then pick a programming language, then learn to build simple functionalities, then develop more advanced features.

But really, I just wanted to know how to build a website that does “___________” (fill in the blank with your own million dollar idea). When I finally finished building my first website, I realized I had been learning it all wrong for my purpose.

So if your goal is to master a programming language and become the ultimate software engineer, this may not be the course for you.

If, however, you’re looking for an effective way to rapidly implement your ideas on the web, you’re in the right place. Read on.

What You’ll be Learning

This course will take you through building an online marketplace similar to Etsy. You will learn to develop functionalities common to many websites including:

Upload product listings complete with prices, descriptions, and images
Create user accounts and login to see personalized dashboards
Implement powerful design features with CSS
Accept credit card payments and initiate transfers to third-party bank accounts
Secure your sensitive account data
Deploy your website live

Along the way, we’ll learn to use the latest versions of popular technologies. We’ll be working with Ruby on Rails, as well as front-end tools like Twitter Bootstrap and CSS. We’ll touch upon databases with SQLite; APIs with Stripe; and even hosting platforms such as GitHub, Heroku, and Dropbox. The skills you’ll have learned will be valuable for building any idea.

About BaseRails

BaseRails is a video learning platform that teaches Ruby on Rails and other technologies through building real world projects. Our collection of project-based courses walk you through coding robust applications like Etsy and Yelp while covering the most relevant programming topics, APIs, and tools used by developers.

Whether you’re learning to code to become a web developer, or just looking to prototype your MVP, we believe working on projects is the most effective way to learn. Instead of being taught theory, you’ll learn by building working applications. You understand the big picture concepts before filling in the details. You learn to build apps the way developers do — one feature at a time.
Most people feel demotivated when they take traditional programming classes, but with BaseRails, you’ll make rapid progress on your projects so you always stay engaged. Along the way, you learn in-demand tech skills through practice and solving problems with available resources, not through brute memorization.
With a growing community of students who love our practical approach, we aim to become the leader of online, project-based learning for every subject.

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Full details
By the end of this course, you will be able to build a complete web app with the skills to apply your learnings to any idea.
You will learn how to use Ruby 2 and Rails 4 to rapidly prototype your ideas.
You will learn the basics of front-end web design with Bootstrap 3.
You will learn how to work with APIs by using the Stripe API to implement payments.
You will learn how to implement features such as user login, data validations, image uploads, order forms, seller dashboards, and purchase histories.
You will learn how to navigate GitHub and Heroku.
You will learn how to read documentation to install and setup open-source code.

Full details
Anyone who is interested in learning to build websites.


“Very monotone and doesn’t seem very excited about what he is teaching. Lacking enthusiasm but is knowledgeable of the subject. Course content is also outdated by a couple of years.” (Bryan Dang)

“I have not completed this course yet but tempted to write this review mid way to the course. This is one heck of well aligned and easy to follow course. Alex should create more courses like this.” (N S)

“This originally looked like good practice, it is a great idea for project to build. However, course is a little outdated, teacher is not very responsive to comments or questions. Expect some troubleshooting by yourself. Second part of course it is a tutorial with less and less explanations each video.. The app built was left unfinished and with many bugs.Not something one can use for a reputable web app portfolio.” (Miguel Saldana)



About Instructor:

Alex Yang

Alex graduated from Harvard with a degree in Applied Math and spent two years at the Boston Consulting Group in New York.
He was always interested in the tech space and eventually decided to quit his job to become an entrepreneur. He taught himself to code to prototype his business ideas, but the process of wading through coding exercises, one-off videos, and programming books was slow and ineffective.
He created this course to save others the time and hassle he went through when learning to build web apps. Currently, he works on BaseRails and develops curriculum for Codecademy to teach little kids how to program.

Instructor Other Courses:

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Ruby on Rails: Training and Skills to Build Web Applications
Ruby on Rails: Training and Skills to Build Web Applications course coupon
Ruby on Rails: Training and Skills to Build Web Applications coupon

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