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75% off #Professional Rails Code Along – $10

Develop a real world Rails project using TDD/BDD, including a step by step guide to building professional applications.

Intermediate Level,  –   19 hours,  120 lectures 

Average rating 4.5/5 (4.5 (118 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

How to build basic Ruby on Rails applications
A basic understanding of programming

Course description:

Hi and welcome to the Professional Rails Code Along Course, where I will walk through how to build a real world Ruby on Rails project that I was hired by a client to develop. My name is Jordan Hudgens, and I’ll be your instructor for the course. I’ve built many different Ruby on Rails applications throughout the past few years for companies such as Eventbrite and Quip and one of my passions is helping individuals learn how to code.

After completing this course you will be able to build a production Rails project from scratch. But there are a million courses that will help you do that. What makes this course different is that you’ll learn how to build a Rails application like a professional developer. I took a completely different approach to creating this course. I don’t edit any mistakes and I filmed the entire set of videos in real time so you can watch my exact process when I am tasked with building a real world application. I made this decision so that you can get a transparent view into what it takes to become a pro developer, and also so you can see how I work through challenges, all in real time.

One of the most critical requirements for a professional Rails developer is a strong knowledge  of testing. With that in mind, every feature that we build in the course will be created with the test driven development process. Some of the key features you’ll learn how to implement are:

Using TDD and BDD with the RSpec and Capybara testing frameworks
Working with the Twilio API to send SMS messages
Integrating a permission structure for users
Implementing an administrator dashboard
Working with automated email components
Creating an approval workflow from scratch
Creating JavaScript Growl notifications
And much more!

This course is not for the faint of heart. The ideal student for this project is someone who has already taken a basic Rails course and wants to take their skill to the professional level.

Each lesson comes paired with the source code implemented at that stage so that you can follow along and compare your code with the codebase for the application. And beyond that you can also use the source code to extend it and build your own production applications.

Please feel free to review the course curriculum and I look forward to going through the material with you on your development journey!

Full details
Build a professional grade Rails project
Using Test Driven Development to develop the application
Learn Rails best practices
Integrate the ability to send SMS messages from an application
Work with callbacks
Learn how to create a full permission structure
Using Capybara for automated, end to end testing
Perform advanced debugging
Implement Single Table Inheritance
Create custom rake tasks

Full details
This course covers professional development processes, a basic understanding of the Ruby on Rails framework is required to understand the material.


“Loved this course its amazing, Learned a lot, explanations were amazing, delivery engaging, all my expectations were fulfilled. Hungry for more content of this quality, keep em coming.” (Deivydas Ziziliauskas)

“very interesting course.
sometimes a little long but it was supposed to be “real time” professional app building so it’s relevant. but not everytime like the time we search a GMT time for 2 minutes :)” (Tom Quinonero)

“Really good course, makes a nice change from the standard ‘lets recreate twitter’ type apps that most courses seem to build. The extra sections at the end where we come back to the app with changes from the client are particularly interesting.” (Chris Legg)



About Instructor:

Jordan Hudgens

Jordan Hudgens is the CTO and Founder of DevCamp where he leads instruction and curriculum development for all of the DevCamp and Bottega code schools around the US.
As a developer for over the past decade, Jordan has traveled the world building applications and training individuals on a wide variety of topics, including: Ruby development, big data analysis, and software engineering.
Jordan focuses on project driven education, as opposed to theory based development. This style of teaching is conducive to learning how to build real world products that adhere to industry best practices.
Additionally Jordan has published multiple books on programming and computer science, along with developing training curriculum for, devCamp, and AppDev on the topics of Ruby on Rails, Java, AngularJS, NoSQL, API development, and algorithms.

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Professional Rails Code Along coupon

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