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87% off #MySQL for Beginners – $10

Learn how to Create, Use and Handle a MySQL Database from Scratch.

All Levels,  –   6 hours,  58 lectures 

Average rating 4.5/5 (4.5 (959 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

A Computer
Basic Knowledge about using a Computer

Course description:

MySQL Database Being the Second most widely used Relational Database makes it one of the database to learn if you are looking forward to develop a database driven application.

Are you a Web Developer? An Application Developer? or A Programmer? Then MySQL Database should be one of the Mandatory Database in your “To Learn” list. If you don’t know MySQL yet or if you are new to any database then this is your go to course to learn SQL and also MySQL Database.

If you are learning or want to learn PHP, PYTHON, PEARL or RUBY then you should learn MySQL as well as this is the Database that is used by most of the developer who prefer the previously mentioned programming languages. If you are Web Developer and you don’t know MySQL yet then most won’t recommend you to call yourself as a Web Developer yet.

MySQL is one of the most used and go to database for pretty much all the web developer who pick PHP, PEARL or Python without a second thought.

What does this Course cover?

Installation of MySQL Server in your Local System
Setting up and Configuring MySQL Database Server
Creating a Database with data
Maintaining the Database
Designing a better database
Covers all the basic you should know to create a complex database driven application with MySQL

Materials Included with this Course:

Course has around 50 Videos and will grow with time
Materials will be updated regularly
Sectional wrap up with a document containing all the Query Syntax
Instructor Help when needed by student (Discussion Board)

Why should you take this course?

If you don’t have any idea about SQL, MySQL or Database this course is for you as it starts from scratch
You want to create a database(MySQL) driven application? All you need to create the database and write queries for the same will be covered
Maintaining you database with Ease even if you have no experience with MySQL
Some concepts are taught in such a way you will learn them as you practice them and implement in your own way for better involvement and learning.

The course follows a typical flow of topic which is considered best for learning the MySQL Database. The learning curve of SQL is also a part of this course.

Full details
Create a Well Structure Database
Handle a Database with Pretty good efficiency
Create a Database that can handle itself on most conditions
Create MySQL Queries that are efficient and clear
Understand the errors as they occur and rectify them
Administrate the Database with Ease
Create SQL Queries for Database Driven Applications
Spot abnormality in Database Table
Database Structure as needed for good design
Indexing Tables for Better Performance
Good practices to be followed

Full details
This course is for people who are new Databases or SQL
All who are willing to learn MySQL
Web Developers
Application Developers
If there is anywhere a word called MySQL in things you want to learn then is the right course for you

Full details


“I have an IT degree from a little over a decade ago but have been working in a somewhat non-IT related area. I found this course to be very helpful in refreshing my knowledge on SQL and the required syntax for MySQL. This instructor provides easy to follow examples that encourage the student to follow along and participate by typing the code, creating the tables, and performing the queries as the course progresses.” (J Reed)

“The course is very well structured, and yet confusing at times. Had the instructor kept the same level of qualify in the later lessons as he had early on, I think I would have been better served by the course.
The JOIN lessons are especially confusing, and the explanation to highlight the nuances between INNER, LEFT and RIGHT had me lost and frustrated.
The main database used, StudentDetails, also ends up being messy and that could add to the confusion a novice might feel.
In sum, it starts off real strong but you’ll be happy when it’s over. A little more scripted explanations would have gone a long way. This is not a bad course per se, though. Just needs more polishing.” (Frederic Brizzi)

“I have been able to learn and retain almost everything in this course.
The instructor is very good.” (Paulo Gaeta)



About Instructor:

Vasandkumar Kunasekaran

I am Vasandkumar, a Certified Software and Cloud Developer with wide spread experience on new Technologies. I have completed my Post Graduate on Computer Science and Engineering. I do a lot of Freelance works in Web Development, Mobile Application Development and a lot of Programming.
I am very passionate about Computers and Programming. Well I started out as a basic programmer in Java and right now capable of programming in around 6 programming languages.
I love teaching or mentoring on something I know and also an active youtuber successfully running the youtube channel WebDevMentors.
Personally a friendly guy and talks a lot. Mostly categorized as a Tech Geek but I believe there is a lot to learn.

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