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93% off #Learn Spring Framework Practically – Hands On Recipies – $10

Build your Web Dev toolbox of Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring REST

All Levels,  –   5.5 hours,  48 lectures 

Average rating 3.8/5 (3.8 (32 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

A bit of Spring basics, Java Kwowledge, Database and Front-end Development

Course description:

This is the Only course that covers hands on recipes for latest Spring Framework Family including:

Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Spring Data, Spring Security, Hibernate, MongoDB and more…

New Course for 2016 … The best way to learn is through hands-on practice. 

Assignments are included in each section as well.

Join the family of thousands of students, who have enrolled in my courses.

See Reviews from students who have taken the course:

“Very practical and engaging; highly recommended course. Learn’t a lot in a short period of time”  — Morebodi Modise

“It dives quickly into some practical, ready-to-use recipes. Explanations are clear and straightforward.”  —  Bogdan Pisai

What is Spring Framework? What is Spring Boot?

In the modern world of software development, the speed of an application creation and the need for rapid prototyping is becoming tremendously important. In the world of Java application development, Spring Framework is the standard to use and Spring Boot is the kind of framework that will give you the power to produce high-quality software at a rapid pace. As under the hood of Spring Boot, everything is just Spring; yet, it provides the flexibility and ease to use so that a lot of boilerplate works are taken care of automatically.

What’s special about this course?

A lot of times, when you read a tutorial or take an online course with Spring Framework, it’s either too short a piece that you just can’t have a systematic way to connect them, or a lot of boring theories are introduced and eventually got lost. You don’t need to know how exactly a car works to drive a car. 

This course use recipe approach that each example covers a small topic that is essential in the web app development. You can follow the live coding to develop the example. Once you get a hold of the concept, you are definitely encourage to take a step further to build your own example. Eventually, you will have a comprehensive toolbox at hand, which you can use to build your next project app.

How is this course structured?
First, we’ll take a look at Spring Boot CLI, a newly added command line tool. Then, we will look at the some basic techniques used in Spring app development. After that, we will talk about Spring Data, which is used to establish the communication between spring app and database. Next, we will look at Spring security that how we can add that topic to an app. Last but not least, we will look at REST services and see how we can develop it using Spring Boot.


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Full details
Build up own toolbox with Spring Framework and Spring Boot
Have a comprehensive understanding of Spring Framework and Spring boot
Use Spring Boot for rapid prototyping and development for web app
Know how to leverage Spring Data to interact with database
Know how to add Spring Security to the app
Develop REST APIs using Spring Boot

Full details
Anyone who is interested in Spring Framework Knowledge


“Instructor appears to be figuring out the content while recording. Instructor also reads from Wikipedia and other websites as instruction material. This would be fine if the audio wasn’t so muted.” (JBrueggeman)

“The instructor really explains the subject matter in detail and follow concept with concrete examples. I also appreciate the fact that the instructor used eclipse for the whole class. I really like the instructor’s teaching style. This is my 3rd course with this instructor.” (Patrick Lurlay)

“It dives quickly into some practical, ready-to-use recipes. Explanations are clear and straightforward.” (Bogdan Pisai)



About Instructor:

Le Deng

Le Deng was first exposed to programming when he was at elementary school and his first language was Logo, a 2D drawing programming language. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering in China and his MS in Electrical Engineering at RIT in US. He has been both a learner and a teacher through the course. In the past few years, he has been interested in web technologies and working on his own path to become an entrepreneur. He’s life philosophy is to contribute a hand on better shaping this world and he is willing to spend just a life-time to fulfill it. He is currently living in Boston US.

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Learn Spring Framework Practically – Hands On Recipies
Learn Spring Framework Practically – Hands On Recipies course coupon
Learn Spring Framework Practically – Hands On Recipies coupon

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