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50% off #Angular 2 Jump Start With Typescript – $10

Understand Brand New AngularJs 2 Framework By Building Apps

All Levels,  –   4 hours,  75 lectures 

Average rating 3.9/5 (3.9 (85 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Basics of Javascript is required
Typescript knowledge is not required
Angular 1 knowledge is not required

Course description:

With more than 1k+ students with great ratings and review;This course is under active development based out on students topics, sign up today before the price rises! Look at the “Upcoming Lectures” section on the curriculum for the upcoming topics!

There are two groups of people. First group of people might already knew Angular 1 and thinking Angular 2 have come up in its beta version, which is completely has new concepts then Angular 1. They might be thinking how to get started with Angular 2?

Second group of people might be the person who wants to learn Angular from scratch and thinking where to start from. Whether should I start Angular 1 or Angular 2? Obviously Angular 2, but from where?

I’m sure out your out of these two groups! And this course designed for these two groups of people! Having Angular 2 have reached its beta version, it indicates that its APIs are going to be stable and doesnt change! Thats great news!

This course teaches the fundamentals of Angular 2 using Typescript as an language. Don’t worry if Typescript is new to you! This course teaches the enough knowledge on Typescript to work on Angular 2. We will start with fundamentals of Angular 2 and goes in depth!

I believe the best way to learn is to understand how a Angular 2 works and what it does for you, look at examples, and then try it yourself. By keeping that principles in mind, we will be building up Udemy Course Tracker page using Angular 2 completely from scratch. By building this application, students will be getting immense knowledge on Angular 2 as framework.

Signup the course today to learn Angular 2 in its beta version and be ready when Angular 2 is in production!

The gist of the course is as follows:

1. What is Component in web terms?

2. How Angular 2 is different from Angular 1 ( Bonus lectures )

3. Dependency injection

4. Directives

5. Routing

6. Communication between components

7. Form handling

8. Pipes and Custom Pipes

9. Observables (advanced)

10. HTTP Services

and etc.

All code samples are put in Github, so that students can follow the lectures and build themselves!

Full details
Understand and write Angular 2 Applications
Understand core concepts like Dependency Injection, Routing, Directives
Understand Components using Angular 2
Communicating between components
Form Elements

Full details
Anyone who have interested to learn Angular 2
This course doesn’t teach Angular 1
Anyone who wants to be ready and master Angular 2!


“Very good course! Everything is well explained and the material is on GitHub for an easy comparison if you code along. I certainly look forward to the upcoming lectures, Anto is very passionate about his course and this really shows!” (Florian Huebner)

“Best Angular Course I have taken so far. I followed other courses but those directly started coding without explaining key concepts. Just after finishing the first 2 sections I now have a very good understanding as the instructor explained the key concepts first. My understanding of Angular 1 has become better after following this Angular 2 course! I am very impressed !!!” (A S M Atiqur Rahim Khan)

“While the content is good and this is a very good effort to teach Angular2, but it needs some significant improvements. Narrator’s English is poor and narration is not professional at all. There are many grammatical mistakes as the narrator speaks, and also in the chapter names and quiz questions.
The code in the videos in many places is slightly outdated and hence not working, which makes it impossible to maintain the learning flow. Narrator didn’t tell how to properly set up the developer environment setup and where to download the files, which is critical. I had to go online to find the right files and to make the very first exercise work. And even after that, the files cloned from the git have significant differences from what is taught in the videos.
More emphasis should have been given to let the student write code from ground up. Almost all the videos start with code already shown, and you wonder where this code came from, and what you are supposed to do, write it from scratch, or check if it was in the cloned files. And then the cloned files are different than what the videos show. Overall, this course gets you started with Angular2 only if you have previous experience with web development and are able to find your way by Googling or trying on your own. This course needs improvement.” (Zeeshan Zakaria (Consultant))



About Instructor:

Anto Aravinth

Hi this is Anto. Well, I have around 3+ years Experience in Software development. During my software development there will be lot of learnings for me. I want my learnings to be shared with others! There are tough times when I learn the things. I want it to be easily sharable to others.
I still remember my teacher saying “If you want to understand one thing, you need to teach it”. And thats exactly I have been doing in my company and also over here! I’m mostly into web development using Java and front-end technologies. I’m a teacher at my office and over here as well! 🙂
Apart from work, I’m an open source contributor to Groovy, Selenium and React Js. Member of JUG Chennai!

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Angular 2 Jump Start With Typescript
Angular 2 Jump Start With Typescript course coupon
Angular 2 Jump Start With Typescript coupon

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