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50% off #Begin Unity Programming ✅ – $10

The perfect guide to start using Unity with C# programming

All Levels,  –   2 hours,  33 lectures 

Average rating 4.4/5 (4.4 (45 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

have a will to learn
have a desire to make games
a mac, a pc, or linux

Course description:

Hi, and welcome to the Begin Unity Programming course, my name is Yohann and I’m famous for having helped tens of thousands of students to make games and publish them in the app stores. My courses have hundreds of 5 star reviews on Udemy alone. If you want to build a game portfolio, then you found the right instructor.

This course is the go to course to get started making games with Unity. If you’re either new to Unity or have little experience with it then this course is for you.
You will start by familiarizing yourself with Unity’s user interface . Then we’re learn about key concepts to understand the mechanics used to make professional games, and finally we’ll get into the fundamentals of programming using the great programming language called c sharp. Now, if you’ve never programmed before or if you’re not very comfortable with programming, then you’re going to like this course. Contrary to most instructors on this platform, I have been teaching programming in University for more than 7 years, and I am confident that this time you will get it.
This course is all about hands on training, if you’re like me and you’d rather learn by doing rather than listening to a boring instructor then this course is for you.
Programming is everywhere, it’s inside of games, websites, cars, and even coffee machines. The skills you’ll learn here are applicable to so many projects, i can’t tell you enough how this course will be key to a better future for you.
About the course:
The course is broken down in short, easy to digest chunks. Now right at the beginning we go straight into downloading Unity and work on a project that’s based on a game that is published in the app stores. You get to work on a real game, not just some random useless project. You can follow along whether you’re using a Windows computer, Linux or Mac.

As my current students already know, I’m always around in the forums and I’ll be there to help you out whenever you get stuck. But you get a lot more than just the best Unity Programming Beginner’s course available online. As a bonus You get a copy of the Unity source code of the Crossy road game clone called Dangerous Lanes that’s a famous 3D isometric pixel game. You also get a copy of the Captain Rocket source code that is a fun endless 2D platform runner that you can use any way you’d like. And as a bonus, you get lots of characters and environment object that you can use freely to make your upcoming game look professional. This bonuses are worth well over $500.

Are you ready to be successful at getting into the game development world? Then join me on this exciting journey. Become part of this whole new world of learning skills and fun. The future’s bright with Unity, you’re gonna love it.

Why Programming?
You may already have used software, perhaps for word processing or spreadsheets like Excel, to solve problems. Perhaps now you are curious to learn how

programmers write software and want to make awesome games.

What is a Program?

A program is a set of step-by-step instructions that directs the computer to do the

tasks you want it to do and produce the results you want. Unity 3D helps you create that “program” that we call a “game”

Full details
Finally get started with Unity the right way
understand what is programming
use Unity User Interface
understand unity gameobjects and how to use them
create your first scripts
get to use the most common Unity 3D functionality
Get ready to take on any classes

Full details
Anyone wanting to make games
Artists interested in playing with Unity and programming
anyone that’s been programming and would like a solid foundation


“The course does what Yohann designed it to do. That goal was to give a beginner an introduction into Unity’s interface and coding concepts. I think it’s a great course to get you started with Unity and I learned quite a bit. Thanks, Yohann!” (Benjamin McKissick Jr.)

“I took this course mainly to familiarize myself with the basics of Unity. I am not a newcomer to coding or game development in general, just to the Unity engine. That being said, I still found the course as a whole to be worth my time.
The overview of the Unity UI section was great overall. I definitely learned some new things that messing with Unity myself, plus several hours of looking at random (mostly terrible) tutorials on YouTube didn’t get me.
The coding part of the course is mostly for the absolute beginner coder. However, if you’ve been away from coding for a while for whatever reason or just starting to learn C#, you may still benefit from it. The beginner tutorials can be a great refresher for things like code structure and punctuation.
Since I would assume nearly everyone who starts learning Unity has game development in mind, there are two suggestions I have for the slightly more advanced coding part of the course. First, would be to go a little more in depth on rotation of objects continuously (ie. ball rolling or planet rotating) instead of just at the start of a scene or by key press. Second, I’d either liked to have seen spawning in a more advanced course, or since it was included, a little more in depth explanation of the Instantiate code. Honestly it was no big chore for me to find answers to my questions with a quick Google search, but not everyone might search efficiently enough to easily figure it out.
As for the pace of the course, I really liked it. Not too slow to bore a more experienced coder to death, but not so fast that most newbies would get completely lost. You can always go back and watch a section over again if you missed something!
Overall, a nearly perfect introduction to Unity for me!” (Zach Hobden)

“Great course for beginners! Easy to follow along with and everything was explained very well.” (Dylan Tavares)



About Instructor:

Yohann Taieb

Yohann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from FIU University. He has been a College instructor for over 7 years, teaching iPhone Development, iOS 10, Apple Watch development, Swift 3, Unity 3D, Pixel Art, Photoshop for programmers, and Android. Yohann also has plenty of ideas which naturally turned him into an entrepreneur, where he owns over 100 mobile apps and games in both the Apple app store and the Android store.
Yohann is one of the leading experts in mobile game programming, app flipping and reskinning. His teaching style is unique, hands on and very detailed. Yohann has enabled more than 20000 students to publish their own apps and reach the top spots in iTunes App Stores, which has been picked up by blogs and medias like WIRED magazine, Yahoo News, and Forbes Online. Thanks to him, thousands of students now make a living using iOS 9, Swift 2, Objective C ( ObjC ), Android, Apple Watch ( watchOS ), Apple TV ( TVOS ), Unity 3D, and Pixel art animation

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