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75% off #Learn Android Quickly – Beginner Essentials – $10

Quickly learn the fundamentals that every Android app on the market uses and get a solid start in developing your own.

All Levels,  –   1.5 hours,  11 lectures 

Average rating 4.6/5 (4.6 (15 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer
A basic understanding of the java programming language.

Course description:

Learn Android Quickly – Beginner Essentials

Learning Android is no small task.  With all the information about it available on the web, where do you start?  I would suggest right here.  This course will give you a great start to learning Android app development.  I will teach you the fundamentals, the traits that every app on the market uses, so that you will have a rock solid understanding of the basics to build upon.  I will explain these often confusing terms like Activities and Fragments, and best of all, you will get a cheat sheet at the end of this course that you can reference whenever you need.  

The Quick Part

This course is for the programmer who doesn’t want to spend their time going through hours and hours of videos to learn the basic tasks.  It’s for the programmer who wants to understand the basics so they can expand their knowledge their way, on their time.  This course is structured to chronologically take you through the app development process learning one new feature per chapter.  You will learn more in the 90 minutes this course takes than you would in a whole day of searching Google and YouTube for answers to the most common Android practices.  I know this because this is the way I learned Android development and I wasted a lot of hours going through less than ideal videos.

Learn the Best Parts of an App

Text views
Saving and loading data
And more!

Everyone has an app in them.  

Start learning how to make yours a reality today.

Full details
Learn the principles of Android app development
Be able to understand Activities and Fragments
Know how to save and load data to the users device
Create a fully working Android app
Start an Android code repository that YOU wrote
Create responsive and intuitive user interfaces
Learn to navigate Android Studio

Full details
This course is meant for students who have basic programming experience
This course is meant for students that would like to get into Android app development but are having a hard time understanding the excessive amount of new information being thrown at them.
This course is meant for students that don’t want to watch 10, 20, or even more hours learning Android but want to get the fundamentals down so they can continue learning on their own.

Full details


“The functions and methods that are being called, and why they are used aren’t explained properly. This makes this course hard to take anything from, and even follow; especially once the course gets into JSON and fragments.” (Michael)

“Briliant” (Ali Farooq)

“good” (Pong Petrung)



About Instructor:

Jeff Benning

My name is Jeff Benning and I have a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in computer science.  I have worked as a mechanical engineer for about five years and I commonly incorporate software development into my job in order to make my work easier.  This involves automating a lot of common processes like generating CAD files and gathering data, but I also work quite a bit on robotics which is a great mix of hands-on building along with detailed programming.
I picked up Android development about four years ago and I loved it right away.  It really got me excited about learning how to program and a lot of the programming I learned along the way was through Android development.  I have since created several apps, one of which is on the app store, and a couple more coming soon.

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Learn Android Quickly – Beginner Essentials
Learn Android Quickly – Beginner Essentials course coupon
Learn Android Quickly – Beginner Essentials coupon

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