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80% off #Become a Heroku Rails Ninja: Expert Level Deployment Tools – $10

Deploy your Ruby on Rails Apps to Heroku like an Expert. Save time and money applying the techniques explained here.

Intermediate Level,  –   8.5 hours,  30 lectures 

Average rating 4.4/5 (4.4 (39 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Ruby on Rails development environment on your local machine
Basic Ruby on Rails development knowledge

Course description:

Many startup non-technical founders are learning how to code their prototypes to get some quick feedback from potential users and pitch investors.

However… once you learn how to code, deploying your app can be a challenge. You need to know how to configure web servers, database servers, automate installation of gems, git repositories synchronization, etc… all just to have your app up and running on the web.

Luckily we have providers like Heroku that make it extremely easy to get your app deployed in minutes, without configuring any servers at all. These are known as Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers.

The basic deployment of a Rails app to Heroku is simple and quick, and most “learn how to code” courses cover it in just a few minutes. But if you chose to stay on Heroku for the long term, you should spend some time understanding how it works and how to optimize your app to get the most out of the resources provided by the platform and how it compares to going directly to cloud providers like Amazon or Rackspace.

This course covers all you need to know to get your first basic deployment up and how to gradually expand features and functionalities with the help of ruby gems and Heroku third-party add-ons.

By getting to know the platform you will:

Reduce costs by understanding that some times it’s not just about “adding more dynos!”, but to simply apply basic optimizations to your code.

Learn how to get full visibility of your app performance and real time logs so you can debug and fix issues faster.

Design your app so that it gets the most out of Heroku’s architectural design.

Set a professional deployment architecture with identical staging and production servers so you can test new features before those go live.

Full details
Basic deployment of a Ruby on Rails app to Heroku
Understanding how Heroku works and how to tweak its basic behavior
Understanding how Add-ons work and experiment setting up the most essential ones for your application
Learn to diagnose and remove bottlenecks that slow down your app and don’t allow it to scale
Once you are done, you’ll save more money on your Heroku bill than what you paid for the course

Full details
Non-technical startup founders who are learning how to code in Rails and want to be able to deploy their work to the cloud
Ruby on Rails developers who don’t have any DevOps or server configuration knowledge/skills
SysAdmins and DevOps professionals who want to improve their own architectures by replicating how Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers like Heroku organize their service
Any person currently using Heroku as their provider and want to improve their scalability and get more bang for their buck

Full details


“Good material, videos a bit long” (Paul Yang)

“This author is incredible. He’s clear, thorough and easy to follow. This is probably one of the best Udemy courses on Rails I’ve ever watched. I highly recommend.” (Chris Aiv)

“If you hard time in the beginning, take a postgresql course.
With that, I was able to setup postgresql db in my local machine and really dig into this course.
I am not done with this course, but I am learning a lot of things. It’s getting more fun every video, because of the “AHA” moments.
Besides, you get to learn how to integrate Twitter API which is essential for Rails developer.” (Dany Han)



About Instructor:

Alejandro Corpeño

Lead Platform Architect at the startup that powers photo manipulation mobile apps such as The Walking Dead Dead Yourself app, which has been the #1 app on the iTunes AppStore and has surpassed 8 million downloads. The platform runs completely on Heroku and has been able to support intense traffic and load spikes.
Over the last 15 years I have worked on a variety of projects as a consultant, developing web applications for large companies and small startups. I also have developed several personal projects and prototypes for startup ideas of my own, most of which I host on Heroku as well.
I have been developing dynamic database driven web applications since 1999, initially with PHP & MySQL and since 2006 started working with Ruby On Rails.

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