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80% off #C Programming DIY : Do it yourself – $10

Learn C programming on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. Project-based, slightly rigorous, but easily doable, lots of quizzes

All Levels,  –   5 hours,  47 lectures 

Average rating 4.1/5 (4.1 (26 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Familiarity with some programming language is preferrable, but not mandatory
A copy of the book “The C Programming Language”, Second Edition, by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie is mandatory
A spirit of adventure is absolutely necessary.

Course description:

This is a course that respects the smartness in you. If you don’t like the course, there is always the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Close captioning in English are being added.

This course introduces several components of basic C programming that you will apply in your real-world projects. It focuses purely on traditional C language without any OS specific dependencies. So, this course can be followed by any Windows, Mac OS, or Linux user.

This course is designed to teach C programming through small classroom projects, in an informal way. All the basic topics including the difficult ones like string handling, files, structures, pointers, linked lists, and command-line arguments are covered, though you may not find them listed in an organized manner in the titles that you see down here. There are also over a 100 questions grouped into 37 quizzes to reinforce the concepts.

Noteworthy comments by learners:

I really liked the fact that this course is not as slow as most programming courses which get boring after a little while…All in all it was a fun and awesome course, I will for sure be following other courses from the same teacher –Alessandro Bassi

A good Place to learn C basics…course gives huge opportunity to know ones weakness in C programming. A consecutive lecture and quiz series gives one consolidated approach — Akash Saxena

Course Highlights

Focus towards the way a C program is written in a real-world project.
Slightly fast paced and rigorous, yet easily doable.
Cover as many concepts as possible in a single yet simple program.
Almost each lecture is clubbed with questions to reinforce basic concepts.
Constant additions and updates to content

Course Objectives

Make the student capable of writing a new C program from scratch on his own.
Make the student comfortable in dealing with difficult concepts like pointers
Familiarize the student with as many basic features of C as possible.
Make the student get comfortable referring to the C Programming Language book
Make the student feel happy and accomplished.

This is an evolving course. Future additions to the course could be based on the what the students want to learn next, apart from more additions to the fundamental concepts.

Learning C is a life-changing experience. After you learn C thoroughly, you can never ever become a bad or mediocre programmer in your career.

Full details
Start developing a full-fledged C program for his or her specific needs within a matter of a day or two, as the course is kept short yet practical, on the lines of a corporate training program.
Feel confident about programming in C and become capable of understanding advanced concepts in C and programming in general.
Anybody who is interested in programming should take this course.
If you already know C language, this is a great refresher course that you’ll thoroughly enjoy
Any fresher who is aspiring to attend a job interview for a job involving programming in C
This course could also be used as part of corporate training program. The course in its current form would span just a day or two for a dedicated student to pick up the fundamentals of C.
This course could also be used as a starting point for those aspiring to become device driver writters, embedded systems programmers, arduino enthusiasts, coders on linux, Objective-C starters, and the like, which are highly C intensive.

Full details


“While still being very new to C (learning as a hobby for 6 months or so), I found this course to be at just the right point between not-TOO-basic, not-overwhelming, and with some easy to understand projects to be built alongside the videos, which help solidify the basics of C language. The instructor has a very relaxing tone of voice too.” (Etienne Stehelin)

“Great hands-on experience, am back to writing code in no time without wasting too much time refreshing concepts. All come on the go. The instructor also is very helpful and promptly supporting. Thank you Gayatri :)” (Shaimaa Yehia)

“Instructor is very helpful. Guidance is provided promptly.” (Yenny Tjan)



About Instructor:

Gayatri TR

The author, who is a coder and researcher, has several years of experience in coding in C for a wide range of projects encompassing device drivers, embedded systems, natural language and speech applications, algorithms & data structures, and much more.
Apart from these, she has deep interest in several other diverse fields like electronic circuits, compiler design, computational linguistics, machine learning, Samskrutam, music, philosophy, and the list goes on..
The author comes with a very strong academic and industrial background with international exposure. She hopes to bring a positive change in the lives of each and every one of her students by sharing her knowledge and wisdom gained through her years of experience.

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