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80% off #So you think you know JavaScript? – $10

What every intermediate and advanced developer needs to know!

All Levels,  –   6 hours,  25 lectures 

Average rating 4.7/5 (4.7 (103 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

You must have a basic understanding of your Operating System’s command line
You must have a beginner to intermediate understanding of the JavaScript language

Course description:

Do you want to dive into three of the trickiest aspects of the JavaScript language? From beginner to intermediate – this course will bring you up to speed on some of the must have knowledge of being able to write in it effectively, while demystifying some its most often-misunderstood constructs!

In this course, you will learn all about scopes, “this”, and prototypes! Training content often doesn’t dive into the specifics of the nature of these “advanced” features. However, it is my belief that this is necessary knowledge to be an effective JavaScript programmer!

My goal at the end of this course is that variable scoping, the usage of the “this” keyword, and the creation and use of prototypes is well understood from a ground up perspective without compromise. Simply by having a firm grasp on these aspects of the language, many issues that even years-long JavaScript developers face can be resolved easily!

We will discuss, in depth:

Scopes and Closures

Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions (IIFEs)


The “this” keyword

The call/apply/bind functions

The nature of the magical “new” keyword

Object and function prototypes

And more!

Full details
Use closures and callbacks effectively
Understand how JavaScript variable scoping works
Be able top create prototype inheritance chains
No longer struggle with the meaning of the “this” keyword
This course is for beginner to intermediate JavaScript developers who want to get a better handle on scopes, closures, prototypes and the “this” keyword
This is NOT an introduction to JavaScript


“Be careful when you take this course with this instructor. The style of the presentation is not for everybody ( I dislike this style completely) and the instructor knows the material from the back of his right hand. There are some deeper analysis given and they are difficult.
He will give you this … and that…. and in depth information.
He is aiming at an audience that is capable of skipping this and that and reach for some in depths knowledge.
This is a higher challenge than most good courses on Udemy represent . The emphasis is really on analysis of some deeper structure of oo JS and the instructor handles js from the back of his right hand.
Do expect that you may skip this and that and still get information in demonstrations that will make you feel pretty, pretty challenged.
There are questions in the evaluation and while I said yes to most , I said no to applicability in this course ( which the instructor never stated about this course) and I did not get accustomed to the presentation style of the instructor: too many words, too playfull and that makes it more difficult to follow this. I just went back to the material several times, to digest what I wanted to get.” (H2m2)

“After doing an amazing JavaScript course by Anthony Alicea I was hesitant to buy another course that seemingly covers the same content (scopes, closures, this…)
But I’m glad I did. This course nicely complements the Anthony’s course and I’m learning new things.
I was a bit lost in the Prototype section though.” (DT)

“Very comprehensive and detailed discussion of three critical and sometimes hard to understand fundamental aspects of Javascript presented in an easy to understand manner. This is the type of course that is needed to really understand what’s going on when using this language. Highly recommended!” (Jeffrey A. Brown)



About Instructor:

3D BUZZ Programming and Digital Art training

3D Buzz is a company dedicated to providing the world with quality technical education over 3D animation, programming, game design, and much more. We have been producing training videos since 2001, always pushing the envelope in the development of informative lessons with an engaging and personable format. We try to make the viewer feel more like they’re involved in a classroom discussion with an energetic teacher as opposed to being stuck in a dry, uninspired, run-of-the-mill training video.
But 3D Buzz is so much more than just training videos. We maintain one of the most helpful online communities on the internet. We do our very best to keep in close contact with our community, and to make sure that when you’re here, you feel at home.

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So you think you know JavaScript?
So you think you know JavaScript? course coupon
So you think you know JavaScript? coupon

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