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80% off #WordPress Plugin Development for 2017 – Build 14 Plugins – $10

Learn powerful WordPress development with plugins, APIs, hooks, the WP-Admin & more with free starter plugins to improve

All Levels,  –   7 hours,  72 lectures 

Average rating 3.7/5 (3.7 (77 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Basic WordPress Skills
Basic HTML and CSS
Basic PHP a plus, but not required

Course description:

Have you ever wanted to know the secrets behind all the cool things that WordPress plugins and themes can do? This course is offered by an instructor who has developed over 250 WordPress plugins for major corporations and can now teach these skills to you.

For Those Developers Who Would Like To Know How To Develop Powerful WordPress Plugins!

After getting frustrated, because maybe a downloaded plugin does not fit your needs, why not take your WordPress programming skills to the next level and really learn how to develop your own plugins or customize other downloaded plugins to fit your needs?

For PHP Developers

Programming in WordPress is a snap when you already know PHP. This course shows how to take that PHP experience and parlay into professional WordPress development.


Some Videos Come With FREE Complete Plugins

Besides just teaching the advanced concepts, some videos come with complete plugins that can be downloaded and used immediately after some customization as explained in each video.

In this course, I teach the powerful WordPress development concepts from:

Developing WordPress plugins: from basic plugins to powerful advanced plugins
Adding fields to the user profile page
Hook programming and how to use them in your themes and plugins
Over 20 popular WordPress hooks available for use in your plugins and themes
Changing post and page content on the fly
Displaying messages on the administrative back end to writers, contributors and other users
User management
Writing your own dashboard and sidebar widgets
Hiding certain admin links and dashboard widgets from other users
Security hacks such as redirecting unauthorized users away from the wp-admin login form.
How to create a library of shortcodes in one plugin
WordPress’ Quicktag API to add buttons to the WYSIWYG editor

When students finish this course, they will have a powerful WordPress programming skill that most developers do not have and trust me, this looks amazing to other programmers and on your resume.

Full details
Develop powerful WordPress plugins: Both basic and advanced
Program using popular WordPress APIs
Learn how to leverage over 20 powerful WordPress hooks through your theme and plugins and how to leverage them to manipulate WordPress without editing the core
Restrict the WordPress back end menu item from any group of users
Modify content from posts and pages on the fly
Add links and new menus to the WordPress admin bar
Learn WordPress hooks and why they are so important for theme and plugin programming.
Hide certain dashboard widgets from any user
Add new fields to user profile pages and save them automatically when the user submits their information.
How to add, update and delete WordPress meta data without one line of MySQL
Create a social media plugin that allows the administrator to enter addresses for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. The plugin will both create a widget using the Widget API and a template tag that can be added to any theme.
Create new thumbnail sizes and access them from the WordPress media manager and your themes
Display messages to other administrators, writers, editors and contributors in the WordPress back
Secure your WordPress back end by redirecting unauthorized users back to the home page preventing even hackers can break in with brute force attacks
Creating your own WordPress dashboard widgets from scratch
Store persistent data in the WordPress database through transients using the Transients API
Insert posts and pages automatically behind the scenes.
User login detection

Full details
Anyone interested in becoming a more powerful WordPress developer
Any WordPress admin with a minimal knowledge of PHP
Programmers wanting to expand their plugin programming expertise


“Great Info!!! I am a newer php person and Wordrpess person. It is easy to understand. Great job.” (Dusty Satterlee)

“This is not a course. This is a random collection of videos about extending WordPress using hooks. It lacks any organization, consistency, polish etc. There’s a lot of good information, so I’m not thinking about asking for a refund and I definitely learned a lot, but with a bit of organization and polish this course could be so much better…
* Some videos suddenly are very quiet;
* Several lessons end with “In the next lesson I will show you how to do X”. Of course, the next lesson again is about completely different topic;
* Several lessons start with “If you haven’t seen my previous lesson, here’s a quick recap”. I just saw it a minute ago! And if for some reason haven’t, I can simply watch it, there’s no need to spend half of a lesson repeating it!
* There’s too much of “Oh, it did not work… Let’s see… Ah, here’s a typo. See, now it works!”. If you made a mistake, stop the recording, prepare better and rerecord the video.
* You write hooks and callbacks for 30+ lessons and then “the section about hooks” starts and the instructor starts to explain what hooks are and that you have to write callbacks for them;
* It feels like a lot of videos are recorded without any preparation or script. There’s too much of “Now add this. No, better let’s do it this way”.
…and so on.
Information is good. Presentation and chaos is annoying.” (Andris Klaipins)

“You explain your subject clearly and do not “assume” your students already know everything. I am a beginner and I want to understand what I am doing and why I am doing it. For this reason I bought your course.” (Mike Kocha)



About Instructor:

Bruce Chamoff

CEO of the Web Designer Mall, a one-stop shop for all web designers and web developers.
I have designed and developed over 1,000 websites in the past 20 years for companies of all sizes from small businesses to major Fortune 500 corporations. Being the owner of a prestigious online mall for web developers, I have programmed everything from WordPress to Drupal to Joomla to simple HTML5.
Involved in the WordPress Community. I am also a speaker at WordCamps in the United States.
The Music, The Songwriting
I love writing, recording, and producing music, mainly my own originals. I play sax and piano and have over 150 songs. Yes, I should have gone for that record deal, but I still enjoy the process of making music!

Instructor Other Courses:

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WordPress Plugin Development for 2017 – Build 14 Plugins
WordPress Plugin Development for 2017 – Build 14 Plugins course coupon
WordPress Plugin Development for 2017 – Build 14 Plugins coupon

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