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82% off #JavaScript programming: JavaScript for beginners – $10

Learn by doing JavaScript exercises and JavaScript coding projects. JavaScript beginner guide to programming concepts.

5 hours,  –   19 coding exercises,  74 lectures 

Average rating 4.5/5 (4.5 (194 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

install Brackets editor
install Chrome browser
have a positive attitude and a desire to learn and do the work

Course description:

Do you want to learn JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages? Are you a beginner and want a simple introduction? Welcome to the course JavaScript for beginners. In the course you’ll learn by doing JavaScript exercises and JavaScript coding projects. 


Last update:  3rd November – Introduction to JavaScript versions (ES5, ES2015, ES2016), TypeScript and transpiling to JavaScript

Over 2000 students already taking the course


JavaScript is the language that powers the web, from great user interface experiences to powerful applications like gmail and google docs, to server scripts and even chips. JavaScript is everywhere. Just imagine the possibilities you’ll be given with knowledge of JavaScript.

But first you need to get started. You need the right foundations. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, I’ll explain every concept used.

We’ll be doing lots of practical exercise and projects and I’ll give a review to every exercise or project you will build. So we’ll work hand in hand.

To become an expert you’ll need hours and hours of hard work. And having solid foundation will help you become one faster. From this course you will take the knowledge about programming, the knowledge you can also apply to other programming languages. And lots of JavaScript related features. We’ll be doing lots of exercises and projects. I’ll give you JavaScript challenges and prepare you for more advances topics. 


What we’ll cover:

– how we can use JavaScript, what is a JavaScript program

– you’ll make your first steps in JavaScript and first exercises

– you’ll understand JavaScript variables

– make exercises with JavaScript variables

– you’ll understand JavaScript variable types

– We’ll go deeper into strings, string methods, numbers and number methods

– You’ll make fun exercises and simple projects with these methods

– We’ll cover more about the syntax and the good practices in JavaScript

– You’ll be debugging JavaScript projects

– You’ll be making decisions in JavaScript

– You’ll learn about JavaScript loops

– Understand the JavaScript arrays

– You’ll start using JavaScript functions

– do object oriented programming

– learn about JavaScript versions, TypeScript and transpiling to JavaScript

– And you will practice, practice, practice

– In each section there will be fun and engaging quizes and projects to build



– 3rd November – Introduction to JavaScript versions (ES5, ES2015, ES2016), TypeScript and transpiling to JavaScript

– 16th August – new section on object oriented programming in JavaScript

– 11th July – added new section introductions

– 28th of May, 2016 – new JavaScript coding exercise solutions added

– 16th of May, 2016 – improved audio and video quality in most video lectures and new JavaScript coding exercises added

– 4th of May, 2016 – added a lecture in the JavaScript programming basics

– 2nd of May, 2016 – coding challenge solution added to the course

 – 26th of April 2016 (coding challenge added – write your first JavaScript app)

– 22nd of April 2016 (more JavaScript coding exercises added)


As a programmer, it’s also important to be able to talk like a programmer, so I’ll introduce important vocabulary that’s useful for you to know.

After the course you will:

– understand basic and advanced programming concepts

– have knowledge about fundamental JavaScript features


“If you know nothing about computers, this course will teach you how to create basic javascript-only events in a browser. If you are looking to learn JS to apply its many uses to your existing web page, this course doesn’t cover that, which is I think a strong disadvantage. I also found there was a lot of talk about what we were going to learn, and then less time was spent scripting it than talking about it. Also, although she spoke in some detail about the overall function structure, she did not explain how the inner coding worked (i.e. .charAt .floor .push etc) that would have been valuable information to understand the language. On the plus side, she appears to constantly be adding to the course and responding to questions, so this may change in the future. Definitely for absolute beginners to coding.” (Eric Herbst)

“Jana presented the course in a thoughtful, practical way building on previous lessons. Her explanations were clear and concise. I very much enjoyed taking this course and feel much more confident in my JavaScript coding skills!” (Cindy Dykstra)

“Starts to go into the mechanics of basics of the JavaScript language. This is a good enough foundation to start learning JavaScript. Content is well spaced love the quizzes and exercises included.” (Oscar Derby)



About Instructor:

Jana Bergant

I ‘m web developer with over 16 years of experience. I have track record of success in delivering web solutions. I’ve developed a wide variety of web applications.
I am also an IT instructor teaching web development. I love to teach and inspire my students. And I love making complex web development topics easy to understand.
I’m passionate about teaching web development and I love to teach interesting new trends in development. Like ChatBots right now 🙂
I’m a self–taught programmer, so I know how frustrating can it be at the beginning with so many resources and not knowing where to turn first. And bugs, all those bugs!
My experience as a self-taught developer with no previous experience has directly influenced my teaching style, and I am now proud to help students reach their goals and helping them with their first steps, first jobs in the world of programming.
Being a web developer has its perks but it can be difficult as well. There never seems to be enough time for what we want to learn and master. Particularly at the beginning thing can get overwhelming.
I’m driven to help people experience the positive side of switching to web development, not the negative.
Sign up to my courses and join me in this amazing adventure today.

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JavaScript programming: JavaScript for beginners coupon

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