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90% off #Python Regular Expressions – Real World Applied Python – $10

Learn how to use Python Regular Expressions for your Log Mining, big data parsing, cleanup and preparation needs

All Levels,  –   3.5 hours,  52 lectures 

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Course requirements:

All material and software instructions are covered in house keeping lecture.
Familiarity with a Programming Language

Course description:

*** NEW PREVIEW VIDEOS: All lectures in Section 2 and Section 3 enabled for preview!  Check it out! 

     NEW: Project 4 Network Configuration Parser added to the course***

Python Regular Expressions is a hands-on course that teaches you everything you need to know about Regular Expression using Python Language.

Regular Expression is a powerful text processing tool for log mining, data parsing, cleanup and preparation. Its power and flexibility allows you to accomplish a lot with very few lines of code.  

Over 60% of the effort in big data projects is spent on data cleanup and preparation. Data can come from variety of sources including internal databases, log files, sensor generated data, Twitter, Facebook and so forth.  Having access to powerful regular expression tool will open up lot of opportunities for you on how you look at your data and what can you do with it.

This course contains over 25+ hands-on exercises, practical tips, quizzes and four projects to apply the new skills you learned in this class.  In the first project, we will be extracting useful information from unstructured text data from Robocopy tool, in the second project we will be on working on large data set generated by Sensors and in the third project we will look in to Health Care Systems that deal with Electronic Medical Records. ***NEW***Fourth project added on parsing Network Interface Configuration.

These exercises will demonstrate that with regular expression you can implement complex parsing with only a few lines of code. 

As a bonus, you will receive an Python Interactive Tool with Source Code for learning regular expression faster.

This course uses free Anaconda Python distribution tool for development and exercise.  This is an all video lecture with quizzes, full source code, downloadable list of data and patterns used.

Full details
Confidently use regular expression as a powerful text processing tool for data parsing, cleanup and preparation
Minimize effort spent on custom development for data cleanup
Gain practical tips to let Regular Expression do bulk of the work for data preparation
Understand potential performance issues and techniques to address them

Full details
Data Scientists, Software Engineers and Developers


“It is very useful and easy to understand. Also, these project and hands-on examples are very practical and useful to apply to real world works.” (Lee Jaehyuk)

“The information in the course is great,
The instructor reply my questions about course and other regex i didn’t understand, he helped me with my own regex. That’s great !!!
But Chandra, you need to make your video and your code easy to understand. Cause its very hard to listen what you talked and i please make comment on your code to explain what every parts of pattern do :
For example :
pattern : r”d+.s*”
please write comment what do this mean: d+, . and s” (Duc Phan)

“I am halfway through the course now and I am impressed. It a niche topic, the course is exactly what you need to come away with a comprehensive understanding of regular expressions. The pace is methodical with tools provided to practice. I am particularly impressed with the time taken to explain the thinking behind building efficient Vs Lazy Greedy patterns and the effect of backtracking. I found the speed at which the instructor speaks perfect for this type of content. There is no doubt that he knows this subject down to the brass tacks. You are getting more than level 1 syntax with this class, you are getting lead through the thinking and that makes for good content. Thanks.” (Richard Smith)



About Instructor:

Chandra Lingam

Chandra Lingam spent 15 years at Intel, developing and managing systems that handled hundreds of terabytes of worldwide factory data.  Chandra is an expert in large scale data management, search and machine learning.  He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from ASU and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.
Chandra is the author of popular iOS educational apps Geometry Test, Math Stripes and Arithmetic Test.

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Python Regular Expressions – Real World Applied Python
Python Regular Expressions – Real World Applied Python course coupon
Python Regular Expressions – Real World Applied Python coupon

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