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95% off #Python Programming: Build Matchmaking Website + Geolocator – $10

Create a matchmaking site and a geolocator in Django/Python in this step-by-step tutorial by Coding for Entrepreneurs.

Intermediate Level,  –   20 hours,  131 lectures 

Average rating 4.3/5 (4.3 (81 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Some Django Knowledge Advised
Finished the setup part of Coding for Entrepreneurs (or Basic)
Completion of MVP Landing/Try Django (Youtube)

Course description:

Updated: July 27, 2015

Build a Matchmaker (updated & expanded)

Computers are great for finding common interests between people. You will learn how to build your own website that matches people based off interests and questionnaires. We’ll implement a subscription model (SaaS) on this one.

This is how billion dollar sites like Match and OkCupid were built…this one is adapting the same idea to a job site, it could be the start for your own recruiting empire.

Create a Geolocator (It’s Happy Hour Time)

Build a web-based app to help find local restaurant happy hours for food/drinks. We will build a geo-locating service using Foursquare’s API/Data and Google Maps.

Hint: you could use the landing page created in step 1 ascertain interest in an app like that this to test whether or not this in itself could be a business.

Full details
Build a Compatibility Match Making Service
Build a Geolocator
Create a SaaS (Software as a Service)
Learn APIs from FourSquare
Google Maps API

Full details
Django/Python Coders
Members of Coding for Entrepreneurs


“Got some errors, cant reproduce the same as tutor” (Gladkyi Mykola)

“Justin is awesome” (Todd Kovalsky)

“very clear and precise.” (Roy Lee)



About Instructor:

Justin Mitchel

It all started with an idea. I wanted freedom… badly. Freedom from work, freedom from boredom, and, most of all, the freedom to choose. This simple idea grew to define me; it made me become an entrepreneur.
As I strived to gain freedom, overtime I realized that with everything that you do you can either (1) convince someone, somehow, to do it with you or (2) figure out how to do it yourself.
Due to a lack of financial resources (and probably the ability to convince people to do high quality work for free), I decided to learn. Then learn some more. Then some more. My path of learning website design started a long time ago. And yes, it was out of need not desire. I believed I needed a website for a company that I started. So I learned how to do it. The company died, my skills lived on… and got better and better.
It took me a while after learning web design (html/css) to actually start learning programming (web application, storing “data”, user logins, etc). I tinkered with WordPress, believing it could be a “user” site, but I was mistaken. Sure there are/were hacks for that, but they were hacks/work-arounds and simply not-what-wordpress-was-indended-to-be. WordPress is for blogs/content. Plain and simple.
I wanted more. I had a web application idea that I thought would change the way restaurants hire their service staff. I tested it with my basic html/css skills, had great initial results, and found a technical (programmer) cofounder as a result. He was awesome. We were featured on CNN. Things looked great.
Until… cash-flow was a no-flow. Business? I think not. More like an avid hobby. We had the idea for a business just no business. Naturally, my partner had to find a means of income so I was left with the idea on its own.
Remember how I said everything we do has 2 choices. Well I tried the convincing. Now it was time to try the learning. I opted to learn and haven’t looked back since. I tried almost every language out there: PHP, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Objective C, C++, Java, Javascript. I was lost.
Then, I tried Python. I was hooked. It was so easy. So simple. So elegant.
Then, I tried Django. Even more hooked. Made from python & made for web applications. It powers Instagram & Pinterest (two of the hottest web apps right now?).
Then, I tried Bootstrap. Simple and easy front-end design (html & css) that is super easy to use, mobile-ready, and overall… incredible.
Python, Django, and Bootstrap are truly changing the way the world builds web applications. I believe it’s because of the simplicity to learn, the sheer power behind them, and, most of all, the plethora of resources to aid anyone in building their web projects (from packages to tutorials to q&a sites).
I relaunched my original venture with my new found skills. That wasn’t enough. It didn’t compel me as it once had. I started imagining all the possibilities of all the ideas I’ve always wanted to implement. Now I could. Which one to start with? There were so many good ideas…
Then another idea, a new & fresh idea, started brewing. I started to believe in the power of learning these skills. What would it mean if other non-technical entrepreneurs could learn? What would it mean if ideas were executed quickly, revenue models proven, all prior to approaching the highly sought-after programmers? What would it mean if entrepreneurs became coders?
And so. Coding for Entrepreneurs was born.
Here are some bio highlights:

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Python Programming: Build Matchmaking Website + Geolocator course coupon
Python Programming: Build Matchmaking Website + Geolocator coupon

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