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50% off #Hit the ground running with AngularJS with Dion Yang – $10

No nonsense approach to learning how to build angular apps

All Levels,  –   1.5 hours,  13 lectures 

Average rating 3.7/5 (3.7 (49 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Have a web host to run the applications, or install http-server through npm or some alternative web server on your machine e.g.xamp

Course description:

If you want to cut through the indirect crap and just go head first into building an AngularJS app then this course will take you there.

Hit the ground running with AngularJS is broken down into 12 modules with each module ending with a real world application exercise.

Initial App Skeleton

Be able to define a module, create a basic app skeleton work with controllers and learn about controller scope


Be able to utilize built in Angular filters as well as create custom filters, learn about ng-model, ng-repeat, ng-change as well


Creating custom directives, directive types, content transclusion, and passing custom attribute data into directives


Learning how to do routing, ng-view directive, the routeProvider service, route controllers and organizing your app for route views


Why services are important, debugging in general, controllers, and refactoring for service usage


Utilizing the http service to grab server side content, and error handling of failed http responses

I’ve dropped the money into learning angular through reading too many crappy angularjs books and taking an excellent angularjs bootcamp and have had an angularjs mentor who is a google developer expert, and also I have real world experience of building AngularJS applications for big corporations. So I created this course to share my knowledge of Angular and bridge the learning gap in as short time as possible.

Benefits of this course

I’ve kept the fluff talk at a minimum in the videos, and have crafted some exericses that will really get you to apply what I’ve covered within the videos. so if you go through the course and complete the exercises you will see tremendous growth in a short period of time

after completing the course you will be able to create a single page app with good enough folder and file organization as well as code organization.

ok so that’s enough talking, I can go into detail of what I can cover or you can look at the course outline and decide for yourself. You don’t need any pre-requisite knowledge aside from being able to watch the videos and working on the exercises.

So let’s get started building an AngularJS application as quickly as we can!

What are the requirements?

A browser and a text editor
Basic HTML and Javascript knowledge

Extra stuff below:

The course should take roughly a day to a few days to complete, depending on how quickly you can move.

I have created a ton of exercises after each chapter so you can apply and retain what has been covered in the videos.

The videos are shot at high resolution with crystal clear sound and are best experienced at full resolution.

You should take this course if you want to jump start your AngularJS career.


I will be constantly iterating the course over time and adding new chapters on more advanced topics, so if you take this course today you will automatically have access to the new upcoming content.

Full details
Will learn how to build an AngularJS app in short time through watching and applying what they learned with the provided exercises
Anyone who wants to learn AngularJS


“good” (Kestermartins Ugoh)

“Improve the quality of sound, make better structure the course. For the performed exercises follow the explanation of the video to confirm that the student has done them correctly. In the first task you need to do more than is explained.” (Kamil Szestowicki)

“I only made it to the second video before giving up. It doesn’t look like the tutor planned out anything, the students have to watch him typing all his example code and waste time while he debugs it and fixes typing mistakes (hint to tutor: have your code already typed up and debugged and working and then you just have to explain what each section of the code is doing, this saves time and stops you looking like someone who doesn’t know the subject matter!)
In the second video he is flicking to the site and viewing their examples and then modeling his examples on the official examples. If we wanted to see the official examples then we would have just gone to and viewed them!
The lectures ask us to do things before the tutor has explained them. For example the very first lecture asks us to create code that displays all the months of the year from an array, but the tutor hasn’t yest explained how to use ng-repeat (that comes in the next video).” (Murray Moffatt)



About Instructor:

Dion Yang

I’ve been doing web development and design for the last 14 years at various companies from big corporations to smaller agencies. My passion is in problem solving and mentoring other people to grow their skill sets. I’m currently working on promoting my book on a no-nonsense approach to landing a job.

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Hit the ground running with AngularJS with Dion Yang
Hit the ground running with AngularJS with Dion Yang course coupon
Hit the ground running with AngularJS with Dion Yang coupon

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