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95% off #Git Complete Hands on Training for Web Developers – $10

Learn Git commands, Centralized and Distributed workflows with real time projects. Training for Web Developers

Beginner Level,  –   5 hours,  42 lectures 

Average rating 4.6/5 (4.6 (24 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Basic HTML and CSS skils because we will create a website using plain HTML and css
Basic computer skills
No prior knowledge of git or any version control tool is needed

Course description:

Git is one of the most popular version control tool available in the market. Git is Number One choice for every Web developer, no matter if you are a Java developer or a .Net developer or a Salesforce Developer, you will need a version control tool to keep track of the changes in your project.

Git is free and a open source version control system. Git is distributed version control system whereas the other older version control system like SVN and CVS are centralized. Because Git is distributed, every developer has its own repository on the local file system. With Git, first initial clone of the repository is slow but the subsequent functions like commit,diff,merge and log are faster.
 Git has great support for branching,merging,rebasing. With the help of Git powerful tool set you can even rewrite history.
 Git is the most common and widely used version control system in the world today and its the modern standard to develop software.

With this course you’ll learn how to master the world of distributed version workflow, use the distributed features of Git to the full extent, and extend Git to meet your every need.

This course is not just plain -old power-point presentation, we will learn by doing and by the end of this course you will become an expert with Git Version control.

Full details
You will be an expert at Git and how to use Git in your project
You will understand the entire workflow of Git
You will learn about merging,Branching,Tagging,Rebasing,Bitbucket,Distibuted workflows,Centralized workflows
Create and fork repositories on Bitbucket and push changes back after working after working on them locally

Full details
Anyone interested to learn about version control tool
who wants to learn Git and want to become an expert
Developers who are planning to switch from subversion or clearcase
Software developers, programmers who are new to Git


“so far i like this tutorial. Deepika is very good at explaining different commands.” (Srinivas Chennamsetty)

“so far so amazing, really great work by Deepika, easy to follow and great work explaining everything with examples to follow.
I would love to enroll to your courses if have courses on Front End
I hope there will be an example of how to set up repo in bitbucket or github, any way, you are doing great job at explaining the basics, amazing work and effort” (Sinan Altaii)

“its a really good course to start learning gi
you learn on how to git on your local machine then put it on remote and also rebase and merge your branch to master
the the only thing that is missing is put it in the real world application like how to contribute to other people project from existing github/bit bucket
and the other thing is the web title is annoying” (Aditya)



About Instructor:

Deepika Khanna

I am a Java/J2EE and salesforce developer, have been writing and working with software for the past 5 years. I currently live in Dallas/TX.
If your goal is to become one of these:
Android Developer
JAVA/J2EE Developer
Salesforce Developer
Then checkout my courses. I have close to 10000 students in and out of udemy. My passion is helping people around the world and guide them into the world of programming.
I am Oracle certified JAVA ,J2EE developer. I love coffee, music, exercise,coding and technology. See you in my course:)

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Git Complete Hands on Training for Web Developers
Git Complete Hands on Training for Web Developers course coupon
Git Complete Hands on Training for Web Developers coupon

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