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50% off #Crash Course: Fundamentals Of HTML & CSS From Scratch. – $10

Learn The Fundamentals Of HTML & CSS From Scratch In This Beginners Step-By-Step Crash Course.

Beginner Level,  –   2 hours,  52 lectures 

Average rating 4.8/5 (4.8 (193 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

PC or Mac
No Experience Required

Course description:

So you want to learn how to create websites or you just want to learn html and css.

Maybe you’ve already tried going through some tutorials online but you’re left more confused than when you started because of all the technical stuff…

…and what’s worse, when you’d try and get stuck, you’d spend hours on forums trying to find out what went wrong.

Well, I was in the same situation. My name is James and I’m one of the instructors at TechLemur.

When I was first trying to learn html and css, I spent hours trying to follow along to tutorials but I’d always get stuck and run into problems.

Because there was no one to help me, I’d have to spend more time, on my own, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

After a lot of hours, headache and frustration, I finally began building webpages using html and css. Now, years later, I’m doing great.

But here’s the thing…

when I was learning html and css for the first time… I wish there was a course or a teacher that could have made it easier for me to learn both html/css and saved me all that wasted time trying to figure it out on my own!

Even now, I still see other people struggling with the same stuff I struggled with…trying to learn html and css, on their own, from the beginning….

So here’s what I did.

I took all my knowledge of HTML and CSS and created an easy to follow, step-by-step video course that takes you from knowing nothing about html or css to creating your first webpage from scratch.

This crash course was designed so that you’ll learn the absolute fundamentals of html and css to give you a jumpstart and save you hours of frustration and headache.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

What html and css are and what they have to do with websites
How to create html documents
What HTML elements are and how they work
How to use CSS to create beautiful webpages
The three cascading ways of CSS
Internal vs External style sheets

And much, MUCH more….

PLUS the course is project-based which means you’ll create a webpage as you’re guided step-by-step through the course, with lots of exercises.

This means you’ll not only be applying what you learn immediately, you’ll also see how html and css are used in the ‘real world’.

AND I’ll be personally guiding and coaching you through the course, so if you have any questions you can easily ask me.

AND what’s more… you get a 30 day money back guarantee. Which means that if for any reason you don’t like the course, I’ll give you your money back. 100% guaranteed. No questions asked.

So… this beginners crash course will take you from knowing nothing about html or css to building a webpage using both html and css from scratch.

So here’s what to do now:

Click on the button “Take This Course”
Enter your details and click “Confirm Purchase”
Then you’ll have full access to the course so you can start learning HTML and CSS.


TechLemur Instructor.

P.S. Don’t forget, you get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So take the course and go through all the material, and if for any reason you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back. No questions asked. So go ahead and click on the button “Take This Course” now.

Full details
You’ll learn the fundamentals of HTML & CSS and have created a webpage from scratch.
This Course Is Specialized For Absolute Beginners Only


“Its pretty easy so far and I’m picking it up fairly quickly, but lets see what happens as we go further!” (Darryl Williams)

“This was a great training especially for any beginner. The trainer took time to explain the basics of HTML and CSS with a lot of examples and problems. I learn quicker when I can follow along, and this training was exactly that!” (Allison Murray)

“It’s going through at a perfect pace, explaining everything that needs explaining including programs used.” (Robert Walerczak)



About Instructor:

Tech Lemur

At TechLemur we help you learn web skills. Many of our experienced instructors remember the many painful and frustrating times when they were first trying to learn a web skill, whether it was html & css, web design or web development.
There wasn’t much help in learning these skills. Either you’d have to pay an arm and a leg for a local course or settle for free poorly taught tutorials on the internet. There wasn’t anything in the middle.
But that’s where we come in. We decided to help by creating simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step courses that take you from knowing nothing about a particular skill to a real-world understand of it. We take the cutting edge of web technology and condense it into easy-to-follow courses that help you master the web skills you want.
All of our courses come with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can be confident that if you don’t learn the skills you want, you can get your money back. 100% guaranteed. No questions asked.
We look forward to teaching and coaching you and if you have can questions feel free to email us,

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Crash Course: Fundamentals Of HTML & CSS From Scratch. course coupon
Crash Course: Fundamentals Of HTML & CSS From Scratch. coupon

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