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50% off #Django Tutorial: Build Your First App Fast & Free! – $10

Enroll in this free step-by-step walkthrough of the official Django tutorial (in python). Additional content included.

Beginner Level,  –   2.5 hours,  27 lectures 

Average rating 4.0/5 (4.0 (153 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Basic programming knowledge
Basic HTML / CSS
Note: If you are new to python but not to programming, expect to look up the syntax online while going through the tutorial

Course description:

Come join me as we create our first scalable Django application … in only 3 hours!

Django is used by some of the largest websites on the internet, including Instagram, Pinterest, and Disqus— serving multiple billion page views, and unique visitors a month on Django stacks.

I’ve loved working with Django these last couple years and would now like to help you join the club by walking you through the official tutorial, for free!

What this course is not:

I do not cover programming fundamentals or python syntax. You do not need to be an expert by any means but you should be comfortable with the basics of at least one programming language so that we can focus on Django and not programming in general. (You can take this course if you’re new to programming but expect to look up some of the basics on your own as this will not be covered.)

I may not be able to “look at your code” and “tell you what’s wrong”. I will if I can, but keep in mind that this course is free and I may not be able to spend too much time debugging your code.

If you’re looking for advanced topics, you may want to download the source code of this course first and see if you could produce it on your own.

But, if you want to add Django to your tool belt – remember it’s used on some of the busiest sites on the net – and you haven’t yet taken the official tutorial, you need to download this course this minute.

Stop DELAYING and try Django!

Full details
Know how to build your own Django projects with ease
Create web applications on a highly powerful, popular, & scalable infrastructure
Create a mobile-friendly (responsive) site with Twitter Bootstrap
Setup Applications in your Django Project
Connect a (MySQL) database to your website
Design models (database schema) in Django
Create a URL mapping configuration for your project
Create custom views
Leverage templates to separate python logic from website design
Use generic views to simplify tedious, redundant pages
Create automated tests that can ensure your site works before publishing
Add static files (CSS / JS / Images) to make your site look beautiful

Full details
Anyone who would like to go over the official Django tutorial with helpful suggestions
Entrepreneurs who would like to quickly learn how to setup a website in an environment that can scale (it’s great for MVP’s)
Coders with PHP / Ruby or other web experience who would like to try Django
Self-starters who don’t have much programming experience but want to give it a try (with some free help)
*NOT FOR YOU IF*: you’ve already completed the official tutorial (you’ll find this repetitive)
*NOT FOR YOU IF*: you run a non-Mac computer AND don’t know how to open the command line on your system or install Python or MySQL without visual help. (I can take you to the download page but you won’t be able to watch me perform the installation on my system as I only have my Mac.)

Full details


“I like the course in general. And it is nice amount of material. It is a bit fast, meaning I need to keep pausing the video, to be able to copy in code, or work at the same time. That makes it a bit harder to follow” (Chris gimenez)

“Muito bom para iniciantes que queiram aprender Django” (Axel Alexander Martins Benites)

“Para quem nunca viu ou leu sobre, esta bem explicado.
Já para os que tem um pouco mais de conhecimento fica muito massante.” (David Ferreira)



About Instructor:

BlueApple Courses

BlueApple offers software courses for entrepreneurs and web developers designed to speed up your understanding of new frameworks and tools. A huge part of learning is figuring out where to find the information that you need and our courses bundle this information into digestible lessons. Time is money, so why make it harder for yourself to learn the fundamentals of anything.
Jacob and Joshua have 10+ years of software experience involving technical consulting, mobile development, web development, and academic research.
In college, they performed software research at some great institutions, including: UCI’s Beckman Laser Institute and UCBerkeley’s Nuclear Engineering Department.
After graduating, they Co-Founded a funded mobile gaming company where we used Cocos2D, Objective-C, Java & Python to create mobile games on both iPhones and Androids.
Recently, after a two-year stint as a management consultant, they’ve founded their own company called BoostLegal which runs a scalable platform on Django and AWS.
In their spare time, they love to Kitesurf, Surf, Hike, & Sail

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Django Tutorial: Build Your First App Fast & Free!
Django Tutorial: Build Your First App Fast & Free! course coupon
Django Tutorial: Build Your First App Fast & Free! coupon

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