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60% off #In Depth Web Development Made Easy – $10

Learn how to see web development as a puzzle, where you’re just fitting the pieces together.

6.5 hours,  –   4 coding exercises,  60 lectures 

Average rating 4.2/5 (4.2 (26 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

No prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or Photoshop/Paint is needed.

Course description:

One of the most problematic things about learning Web Development is that Teachers tend to only cover just enough to get you through. This course is about learning Web Development and obtaining a full understanding of all three languages. I take a more direct approach, teaching you nearly all of the syntax and helping you understand why they exist by delving into some of the history about Web Development, and then I reinforce this with quizzes after every 5 videos along with several Code-Along Projects.

Each video is so simplified that there is no need to constantly check for the code in the downloads page. Each Part is a full list of Syntax from W3C, the makers of HTML5 and CSS3, so that almost No Syntax is missed. We go over each one and I give you the simplified explanation of what the syntax does and how to use it or why it is used.

As my Students from Learn The Quickest Way for Writing a Book that I use can tell you, I take students seriously. I respond within a day and, if it’s a problem I think other students may have, I create an entire video just for that one problem.

This course will be included inside of each bigger language that I cover, Ruby, C#, Python, and Nodejs. If you have taken multiple Web Development courses and some of the information just doesn’t seem to stick, then this is likely the perfect course for you. So, c’mon and join me in learning how to develop websites from scratch!

Full details
Find multiple solutions to web development problems with ease.
Identify nearly all syntax in basic web development with a good understanding of what each one does.
Gain a thorough understand of JavaScript so that learning EmberJs and jQuery is easier.
This Web Development course is for both beginning developers and intermediate developers wanting to fully understand the basics of Web Development in both programing and the actual history of Web Development.
This course covers both commonly used HTML elements and even notes outdated syntax to prepare developers for what they may have to fix in the future.
This course is for those who are looking for a quality Web Development course at a low price.

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“Good idea to start by the history of internet and how develop during the past years” (marouane MHAIDI)

“Very comprehensive and well organized course” (Abdul Mannan)

“Was looking for a course exactly like this. Good pace, good content and excellent presentation.” (Muhammad Bilal)



About Instructor:

Tommy Mertell
Muhammad Uzair Khalid

I am a Freelance Developer with more than 10 years of experience, having started in Web Development when MySpace was still popular and 2D graphics were the kings of free gaming. I am also an Author of a few novels and a Ghost Writer for more novels than I can account for. From developing websites to making video games, there’s not a coding object that I haven’t done before. I have worked with Victor Bastos on his OnClick Academy platform and am CTO of the SQRent start-up, a platform that believes experience is more important than just a fancy piece of paper. I participate on CodeEval for fun, when I’m not working or helping others with web development. I came on Udemy to provide a way for others to seek out my help and I very much enjoy helping others, because, occasionally, there’s a challenge in it for myself.
As a freelance writer on Elance, I’m raved and praised about for my speed, intuitiveness, and quality. I have a 4.9 rating and have worked with hundreds of clients on projects ranging from The Theoretical Design of Biomedical Psychology to The Difference Between English and American Bulldogs. I have been interviewed by Elance as one of the most prominent freelancers on Elance several times, given several writing awards over the years, and have proven time-and-again that Colleges are an outdated and dying form of education. I tend to quickly learn anything that I get my hands on, from writing movie scripts to developing Node(js) chat boxes for secure and private communications using a 256-bit Encryption connection. I’ve decided to leave the industry of freelance writing and fully immerse myself in the market for web development. With more than a decade of experience in Web Development, I believe it is my responsibility to help usher in new developers and help them understand both the history and process of web development.

Muhammad completed his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from one of the most prestigious universities of Pakistan. At the age of 21, he teamed up with one of his friends to launch their start-up called BioPie. They introduced an innovative non-invasive product that monitored blood glucose level in diabetic patients without penetrating the skin. At that time, glucose monitoring for diabetic patients was done via invasive methods. This product bagged several national level awards. In 2014, Muhammad got a foreign scholarship to continue his studies in Finland, where he opted to do Masters of science (Msc) in Biomedical Engineering. Currently, he is working with Computation Biophysics Imaging Research Group, where his task is to model the calcium ions flow in Astrocytes (brain cells).
Muhammad has also been working as a freelance technical writer for past 3 years, and has worked with approximately 100 clients from across the globe, on 150+ projects. He has been extremely motivated towards timely completion of projects with high quality work, and this has led to a very high client repetition rate.
Apart from this, Muhammad is fond of programming (logic development), sports and traveling. He has also represented his country (Pakistan) in two Cricket tournaments held in Finland.

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Udemy Web Development course coupon
In Depth Web Development Made Easy
In Depth Web Development Made Easy course coupon
In Depth Web Development Made Easy coupon

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