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95% off #Android Wear App development: Ride the next wave – $10

Get into the next gold rush by developing application for Android Wear. Android Wear app market value’s 8 Billion dollar

All Levels,  –   1.5 hours,  15 lectures 

Average rating 2.3/5 (2.3 (15 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Android App development
Android Studio should be downloaded

Course description:

Join the amazing list of 4800+ happy and satisfied students and learn Android Wear App Development from the best course available in udemy marketplace.

Course Updated on 05-01-2016

I continue to review the price of this course as I build it with more valuable content


“Really loved this course. Worth every penny. Explained in such a detailed manner. Highly recommended if you want to startup with android wear.” – Shivam Chopra

“I’ve been going through multiple Android wear app development Courses and this one is well organized and explains concepts in easy to understand language. They are very good about answering questions. I’m over 50% through it and it has been very well organized. Definitely worth the price.” – Jay Dass 

“This is a great course to learn Android Wear App development without much mobile development experience. I went through the course and found that it successfully described the main feature of the latest Android Wear app development. ” – Ashley Ahorn

Android has became a very important part of our lives, Android has applications in everything.

Our smartphones, tablets and much more work with the help of Android Operating System, and now most latest technology of android are the Android Wear devices. In this course we will show you practical, and easy ways of understanding what Android Wear actually is and how applications work in this. We will explain you in detail that how you can make your own Android Wear Applications. More clearly we’ll teach you “Android Wear Applications”. And after completing this comprehensive yet simple course you’ll be able to make your own Android Wear Applications and will be able to call yourself an Android Wear Application Developer.

This great, comprehensive and amazing course is taught by an expert instructor. His name is Amit Huddar:

Ride the next 8 Billion $ wave: Android Wear App development

“Get Job in your dream software company”

Authenticate certificate from Softdust will be provided on task completed

Course completion certificate for watching all the videos.
Android Wear app developer certificate for watching all the videos and submitting your own new android wear app.

“Take the first mover advantage”

Who can enroll:

Android App developers

In this tutorial one acquires skill to develop app for android wear which is estimated as 8 billion dollar revenue Potential for developers

At the end of tutorial one will be able to build playstore publishable Android Wear app

you will build two application

Wear Message Api
Stay awake

before that you will go through

Vision for Android wear
Wear Application in market
A to Z overview i.e from hardware to software flow of wear
Setting up of atmosphere
Hello world
Pairing up of smart phone and smart watch emulator
To pair smartphone and android wear(smart Watch emulator)

At last you will package Android Wear app developed.

Complete Android wear app development Course.

Android wear tutorial consists of 13 videos, 1.5 hour duration

Full details
One can apply for job in dream software company with developer certificate
Can take share in emerging Android Wear Market
One can confidently develop application for Android Wear
Android Application developers


“Explanations could have been better, yet makes us learn a lot of stuffs in a considerable amount of time.
Thanks Amit for the course.” (Prabhakar Kumar)

“I found very useful and very informative so far.” (Syed Shahzaib Ahmed)

“The instructor speaks quietly, often stops in a middle of a sentence like he doesn’t know what to say next and sometimes adds background music which makes him even harder to understand.
He gives false information:
– he said that Java development kit (JDK) and Android studio both need to be on the same partition. I had them on separate partitions and everything was working just fine.
– he claims that android studio loads much faster on a Mac than on a Windows machine. The loading speed is affected by hardware of a device, not by its OS. Macbooks come with an SSD preinstalled while most Windows laptops come with a normal HDD which makes them slower in everything. I installed an SSD in my Windows laptop and it was loading Android studio as fast as my friend’s Macbook pro.
There are a lot of video glitches throughout the whole course.
He missed the purpose of the course. The course should focus on Android wear development, but on most of the videos he talks about people always looking into their phones and missing the beautiful things in life. That also applies to the quizes with dumb questions which are not at all related to programming.
Once he finally gets to the programming, he shows the code in a normal text editor, which wouldn’t be so bad, but he shows it without any syntax highlighting. He also just pastes a ton of code and explains it very poorly. What he should have done is write the code line by line and talk about why he writes excactly that and not something else.
When he shows his “Stay awake” app, he waits one full minute for the countdown to finish, he should have just skipped a part of the video.
He did not go through everything there is to know about android wear, just some random few lessons.
In conclusion, the overall quality if the course is as bad as it can be. It seems like he made it just for the sole purpose of making a course, similar to how some students write a shitty essay just so they can pass the subject that requires writing an essay. I got it for free on some sale, but if I paid for it, I would definetly ask for a refund.” (Dominik Otočan)



About Instructor:

Amit Huddar

Amit Huddar is an Internet Entrepreneur and Software Engineer. He runs his own software company “Softdust”, which develops products using new technology such as Android Wear (smartwatch and Google Glass). He believes wearable gadgets are the future of personal computing.
He believe 2015 to 2025 is meant for app developers
Many made millions out of app development, yet he believe it’s just beginning.
He is CEO of Softdust  (software firm).
Amit opted to study Computer Science Engineering in 2013 at SSIT. He started his software company in his first year of Engineering and it became successful, so he dropped out in September, 2014.
He has worked on non-conventional forms of energy.
Amit demonstrated his design of a tidal energy power plant model at a national level and won awards from prestigious institutes including the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) and NITK (National Institute of Technology Karnataka).
He is quantum physicist too.
Amit worked on practical application of quantum leap with fellow scientists at IISc (Indian Institute of Science), India’s leading research institute and also ranked as 23rd best in the world.
He applies and believes in the law of attraction.
Whilst the basic principles of reasoning from physics are important to him, so equally is the law of attraction also important. This plays a very important role in his life.
Skills: Android app development, HTML, CSS, PHP, C, C++, JAVA, Linux, building custom Linux OS, cloud computing, penetration testing, Kali Linux and Hacking.
Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Kannada.

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