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80% off #Learn By Example: C++ Programming – 75 Solved Problems – $10

C++ will never seem intimidating again, once you’re done with these examples.

All Levels,  –   16 hours,  87 lectures 

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Course requirements:

Students should have an understanding of programming – concepts such as variables, loops and if-else statements will not be explained

Course description:

Like a gruff uncle, C++ seems intimidating, when its just being helpful. These 75 examples will help you understand that.

Let’s parse that.

C++ seems intimidating because all too often, what you see is not what you get.

Usually, that’s because C++ is trying to help you, but you don’t realise that. C++ is incredibly deep, and it sometimes struggles to get you – the programmer – to understand what it’s saying

These 75 examples will help. Each is self-contained, has its source code attached, and gets across a specific C++ use-case. Each example is simple, but not simplistic.

What’s Included:

Moving to C++ from C: If you are a C programmer, this section will run through what you need to know in order to move seamlessly to C++.

Objects, Classes and Object-Oriented Programming: Access modifiers, classes, objects, the this pointer, new/delete and dynamic memory allocation gotchas

Operator overloading is a particularly complicated topic – C++ is virtually alone in the ubiquity of overloaded operators. Make sure this doesn’t trip you up. Also go deep into the workings of const, static and friend

Inheritance in C++ is considerably more complicated than in Java, mostly because of multiple inheritance, and because of the co-existence of both virtual and non-virtual methods.

Templates are a classic generic programming technique that were revolutionary when first added to C++. Understand template functions and classes, as well as template specializations.

STL – the Standard Template Library – is incredibly powerful. Get a good sense of collections, iterators and algorithms – the major components of the STL

C++ casts are quite different than C-casts. Understand const_cast, static_cast and dynamic_cast, as well as Real Time Type Identification (RTTI), and the manner in which explicit conversions can be performed using static_cast

Exceptions and exception handling in C++

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Full details
Harness the full power of C++ without being intimidated by the language’s complexities
Use inheritance, operator overloading, templates, STL and all major C++ language features
Yep! Java and C# programmers – who understand Object Oriented Programming, but are new to C++
Yep! Folks with prior programming experience in C. No prior object oriented programming experience is needed


“Although not very detailed or complicated in underlying implementations of constructs, it is a very good starting point than most other online videos on c++. I would recommend the Bjarne book “C++ the programming language” after this.” (Anokh Kishore)

“Simplemente Genial, explicaciones súper sencillas de entender aunque tú Inglés no sea excelente, se ve todo de una manera muy visual. A parte se profundiza bastante en cosas de C++ , Un curso que poco a poco , quizás 2 o 3 clases al día se acaba en 1 mes y poco , y realmenete vale la pena, a no ser que sea un experto en C++… Me ha encantado y el dinero siento que lo he invertido muy bien, al menos en mi caso.” (Velasquillo Gazmoños Lacrimosa)

“I took this course expecting to learn some really interesting examples of C++ coding. I didn’t. The complex number code and the name code and the shape code were the only examples used over and over throughout the lectures. In the end, I don’t feel that I gained as much experience with C++ coding examples as I thought I would with the title claiming as such. I enjoyed the lovely voices of both teachers and felt they were very knowledgeable. On my part, I copied and worked out every example. However, now, having finished the course, I cannot say I have grasped the basic reasons for using any of the most important objects in C++ ie. pointers, references, const, et al. If I redo the course, do I feel that – because of the density of the material – I would find more to help me? I don’t think so. I actually feel that no matter how many times I repeat the course, I will still be left with the feeling that I’m missing something that would help me bridge my creative mind to the intellectual underpinnings of C++ code. Thus, I still have no idea how to proceed with all I’ve learned, except by seeking out other teachers who may offer my creative mind the inspiration and examples to program what I want.” (S.K. Thoth)



About Instructor:

Loony Corn

Loonycorn is us, Janani Ravi, Vitthal Srinivasan, Swetha Kolalapudi and Navdeep Singh. Between the four of us, we have studied at Stanford, IIM Ahmedabad, the IITs and have spent years (decades, actually) working in tech, in the Bay Area, New York, Singapore and Bangalore.
Janani: 7 years at Google (New York, Singapore); Studied at Stanford; also worked at Flipkart and Microsoft
Vitthal: Also Google (Singapore) and studied at Stanford; Flipkart, Credit Suisse and INSEAD too
Swetha: Early Flipkart employee, IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Madras alum
Navdeep: longtime Flipkart employee too, and IIT Guwahati alum
We think we might have hit upon a neat way of teaching complicated tech courses in a funny, practical, engaging way, which is why we are so excited to be here on Udemy!
We hope you will try our offerings, and think you’ll like them 🙂

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Learn By Example: C++ Programming – 75 Solved Problems
Learn By Example: C++ Programming – 75 Solved Problems course coupon
Learn By Example: C++ Programming – 75 Solved Problems coupon

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