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71% off #Learn Data Warehousing From Scratch- From Solution Architect – $10

A comprehensive Data warehouse guide from the industry expert. Succeed in BI|DataWarehouse|Data Model|BIGDATA.

All Levels,  –   2 hours,  33 lectures 

Average rating 4.1/5 (4.1 (194 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Familiar with the basic concept of Database/RDBMS.

Course description:


Added Hadoop Distributions Comparison sheet to let you choose the right Hadoop distribution based on several Parameters.


Do you want to master in Data warehousing, keen to become an expert ? Me being worked on several Data Warehousing implementation projects in last 12 years here in UK. I will give you the grain of what’s needed to implement a successful Data Warehouse project.

We’ve heard it all, big data and the intelligence to understand these chunks of data. Most persons have to start from scratch or meet mid-way to become an expert in business Intelligence domain.

Course is meant for someone who wants to understand fundamentals of DW and various architectural pieces around it and eventually become a part of big data revolution.

This course is built to get you the grain of the subject and give you what is essential for newbie to eventually become an expert at the end of the course. Come and Join the journey!!

Course Highlights Introduction

Business Challenge?
Need for Business Intelligence
Define Data warehouse
Industry UsingData warehousing
Typical BI environment

Data Warehousing Concepts

ODS, Data Marts
Facts, Dimensions, SCD
Surrogate Keys, Factless-Fact

Two Major school of thoughts

Are they at war ?
Understand myth
Case Studies

Ralph Kimball

How to design
Start Schema, Snow Flake
Bus Architecture
Sample Data Models

Bill Inmon

How to design
3rd Normal Form
CIF Architecture
Sample Data Models

Data Warehouse Appliances


Big Data

What’s the Buzz word
What are 4 V’s
Understand Big Data in BI terms
Major Player
What is Hadoop
Hadoop in DW world
Example – Architecture


What it is
Types of NoSQL DB’s

Major BI Vendors

Wish you all the very best!

Full details
Design and Build Data Warehouse
In depth understanding of DW Architecture
What is DWA
How can you transition yourself to BIGDATA
Anyone who wants to get into data world can be benefited from this course.
Startup folks
Aspiring Data Analysts
DataBase Developers
Recent College Grads
BI folks

Full details


“Key thing about this course is now I can easily apply into my project. In fact learnt a bit about presentation too.” (Narsimha Rao)

“good overview course, will help you align your thoughts on how things fit in an org but you shouldnt expect to learn much more than that from a 2 hour course.” (Ash Khan)

“Amazing Course, I learnt a lot. Many thanks to Mr. Asif.” (Solution Archetect Moazzam Bhuiyan)



About Instructor:

Asif Raza

I am Solution Architect with over 12 years of experience in IT industry specializing in BI and DWH domain including several greenfield projects implementation. I’m a passionate and experienced Solution architect and here to help you get going.
Determination and focus has landed me to heights with pretty neat people. I strongly believe knowledge increases by sharing. Hence, I have invested my knowledge and expertise to build up this training course for the wider community. People undergoing my training always have a delightful learning experience. I hope you make the most of this course.
Good Luck!

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Learn Data Warehousing From Scratch- From Solution Architect
Learn Data Warehousing From Scratch- From Solution Architect course coupon
Learn Data Warehousing From Scratch- From Solution Architect coupon

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