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89% off #WordPress Security – $10

Secure your WordPress websitesite quickly and with minimal effort, eliminating most security threats almost instantly.

All Levels,  –   2.5 hours,  24 lectures 

Average rating 4.2/5 (4.2 (21 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Basic access to the internet
You should have a basic understanding of WordPress
Willingness to learn new concepts and ideas

Course description:

Over 2800 students staying ahead of the changes in WordPress security!

Learn the Latest WordPress Security Strategies and Concepts From a Leading Expert with Years of Real World, Hands On Experience.

Keep Your WordPress Website Safe and Secure With Simple, Practical Techniques that Anyone Can Implement.

Every hour of every day 30,000 WordPress sites are being attacked by people who want to either damage those sites or take control of them.

And the worse part is… 99% of all WordPress Security incidents are entirely preventable.

How do you keep your WordPress site secure?

In this course, I’ll teach you the most effective things you can do to keep out the bad guys without having to become some kind of a security guru or spend tons of money for someone to do it for you.

If you’re like most WordPress website owners, security is a complete mystery. You want to keep your site secure, but your primary focus is on creating great content for your visitors.

You probably also have seen and read reports about internet security breaches that occur, but you probably think that your site is too small to have a serious problem.

The truth is, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Wordpress powers just over 20% of all websites on the internet today and staggeringly, 70% of those site, 140m sites, have exposures that could make it easy for an unscrupulous individual to hack their site.

Modern security attacks aren’t confined to defacing websites and stealing information, sophisticated groups of professional hackers are actively building up networks of millions of compromised websites. They collect these sites to use as large scale attacks and cause serious damage.

And if you’re site is compromised, it could be contributing to this problem!

Having your site compromised could result in:

Loss of income
Damage to your reputation
Stolen data or information

That’s not even considering the cost and effort required to clean up a security problem.

Wordpress Security doesn’t have to be that hard. With just some simple understanding of the risks and steps that you can take to mitigate them, you can prevent over 99% of all potential attacks.

This course will help you put those numbers in your favour!

I am going to share with you my 10+ years of hard earned, battle tested experience in managing WordPress sites so that you can start making your websites more secure in minutes right away.

But WordPress and security in general are a moving feast and it is very hard to keep up to date on everything that’s happening.

And that’s something that I’m going to solve for you by regularly updating this course with new videos. As changes happen in the WordPress landscape or something big occurs in the security world, I’ll break it down for you in simple and easy to understand ways.

This course is backed by Udemy’s 30 day guarantee and my personal promise that for just a small investment of your time, you’ll be shocked at just how easy it is to rapidly improve your WordPress site’s overall security posture!

Every second you delay creates risk for you and helps tilt the odds in favour of your WordPress site becoming one of the 30,000 sites that get attacked every hour, of every day.

Enroll now and put the odds back in your favour!

Full details
Learn the fundamentals of good WordPress Security
Understand the risk profile of their WordPress site from a security perspective
Identify weaknesses in their WordPress site’s security posture
Setup their WordPress site to minimize security threats
Learn best security practices for a WordPress site

Full details
Anyone that runs a WordPress site and wants to improve their site’s security
Digital Marketing Agency staff that work on customer WordPress sites
Bloggers and Content Marketers that need good security, but just want to learn to lock down their site quickly and effectively
This course is not designed for security experts or people looking to fix their


“Everything is easy to understand, especially for non-techs such as myself.
It is not boring, but easy and interesting to follow.” (Doreen Richmond)

“While Sean knows his stuff, it is not presented in an engaging and practical way that can be immediately implemented. You first have to listen to lots of talk that unfortunately just makes me want to go to sleep. The first bit of really useful, useable information was presented in lecture 14. While I suffered through the course I did not think it was worth the effort or the investment.” (Vera Evans)

“There’s some great information in this course! Sean does a great job explaining security issues and threats and how to address them. He also discusses several of the most popular WordPress security plugins and explains how to configure them. I recommend this course.” (David Stadelman)



About Instructor:

Sean Kaye

Sean has had a long and rewarding career in the Enterprise Technology world and has built a successful business in coaching, online marketing, SEO, WordPress security and content marketing. During his career, Sean has been responsible for multi-million dollar businesses with seven figure profit numbers.
From his years of management experience, Sean is an accomplished business strategist but also an excellent communicator who can teach and educate people in complicated topics. His laid back style and dedication to his students’ learning, as well as achieving their desired results makes Sean a leader in online education.
Sean originally comes from Toronto, Ontario but is now based in Sydney, Australia.

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