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80% off #Learn NodeJS in Hours – $10

Learn the Node JS(nodejs) Basics within Hours to get you going for Great things, that you can achieve with NodeJS.

Beginner Level,  –   2.5 hours,  29 lectures 

Average rating 4.9/5 (4.9 (26 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

Course requirements:

Little Knowledge about Javascript
Little Knowledge about HTML
Know about what is a website and web server (Optional)

Course description:

Node.js(nodejs) is an Event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment based on V8. This being one of the most sought and growing scripting language in recent time, there is a lot of demand and also loads of Developers and programmers are looking forward to Learn Nodejs.

This course “Learn NodeJS in Hours” is going to make this possible for you. Are you a programmer or developer looking to learn NodeJS in few hours to get yourself started? This is the right courses for you. NodeJS is a great scripting language to learn and use.

This course makes it possible for you to Learn NodeJS(node.js aka nodejs) within few hours of time. Even thought not everything will be taught and advanced concepts are not going to be covered, the course will make sure you know enough to get yourself started with a small application in nodejs.

As part of this NodeJS course even some of the most used frameworks like “Expressjs” is covered where you can create a simple express js server in no time with example. This gives more features to node.js(nodejs) and makes you a better understanding of things goes when it comes to node.

Nodejs is the recent boom when it comes to creating web services as in micro-service architecture. You can create quick web service providing JSON response in nodejs in hours or minutes.

In this course we will start with a basic idea about JavaScript that will be used in node before we dive into the actual necessary parts of the Application development in Node js. The server creation is a typical thing every developer or programmer should know in Node.js(nodejs).

Once we get a good grasp on what we will be doing with Node js, we will start moving towards the framework which will come in handy when we are looking at the actual implementation of the application in any server.

Node js can be used to create a server in just few lines but what are we going to do just with a server? How to start with something that can get myself to a path of great learning in Node js? These are questions that can be answered by this course.

This course will be quick and will be relevant to only immediate kick start of the Node js scripting language. If in case you need more content to be added you can always request the same and I will surely have them created when I have time.

The course follows a typical flow of topic which is considered best for learning the Nodejs quick but does not cover everything.

Full details
You will know basics about Node JS
You will know how to create a web server with Node JS
You will know how to create a web application with Node JS
You will know how to create a Node JS Application from Scratch
This course is for Web Application Developers
This course is for Web API or Web Service Developers
This course is for Mobile Application Backend Developers
This course is for Cloud Developers


“I like when people keeps their promise and the instructor kept it the best way possible. Recommending this course to everyone. Take this course for Nodejs without any other thought. Also use coupon code XMAS16 for the discount. I contacted the instructor and he gave me the coupon with all smiles.” (Adam Starc)

“Excellent content and the way it was delivered by the Instructor was spot on. Couldn’t have asked more from him. Very pleased with the course.” (Vikram Verma)

“Good quality course. Can learn Nodejs in hardly 2 hours from this course. Instructor is very clear and also helped me out in various stages by private messages.” (Mark Thompson)



About Instructor:

Vasandkumar Kunasekaran

I am Vasandkumar, a Certified Software and Cloud Developer with wide spread experience on new Technologies. I have completed my Post Graduate on Computer Science and Engineering. I do a lot of Freelance works in Web Development, Mobile Application Development and a lot of Programming.
I am very passionate about Computers and Programming. Well I started out as a basic programmer in Java and right now capable of programming in around 6 programming languages.
I love teaching or mentoring on something I know and also an active youtuber successfully running the youtube channel WebDevMentors.
Personally a friendly guy and talks a lot. Mostly categorized as a Tech Geek but I believe there is a lot to learn.

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